Mum just diagnosed with secondary breast cancer


My mum has just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer which has spread to her liver, lung and lymph nodes behind her sternum. She is due to start chemo in the next couple of weeks, she’ll be having tablets. I was just wondering if her life expectancy is reduced as it has spread to three places? I know lots of different factors effect life expectancy but I just want to prepare myself.
Thank ks in advance

Hi Shellbell, sorry to hear about your Mum.  It really depends on how well she responds to her treatment and how aggressive the cancer is.  It’s unlikely at this stage you will get an answer from anyone.  There are many women who go on to live for years after receiving a secondary diagnosis.  Maybe try and chat with someone at the hospital but most of all keep hoping and supporting your Mum at this difficult time.  Xxx

I found this from another thread which is a really inspiring read for you:

Thank you Mai7, I will read it

Hello shell bell

I’m a secondary lady with liver lungs mets …why don’t you join us on secondary threads where there are ladies all with the same things.
I would imagine that your mum will be on a chemo pills called capebecine ( sorry spelling might be wrong) there is a huge thread with help and good advice there.

Go to living with secondary breast cancer and then take treatments …you should find us