Mum just had lumpectomy and sentinel node removal

My mum has had her lumpectomy surgery on her left breast a week ago and her sentinel node removed along with 3 additional nodes, we are waiting for her biopsy results on Monday which is a hard, long winded process.
She has been complaining from aches and pains in the opposite side of her body, not from the side of surgery, so I’m feeling very anxious about Monday and she’s worrying that it’s spread and thinking for the worst. I’ve not heard of symptoms like this before and can’t find anything similar:((



Welcome, what a wonderful support you are to your mum. 


I dont know how your mums breast cancer was found but I would imagine that she had had a mammogram on both her breasts in the recent past which has shown up the cancer in the breast for which she has had her op and I would have thought that would have shown up if there was anything in the other breast.


I can not imagine that it is anything serious, we all know on here about aches and pains that suddenly appear either whilst waiting for our results to see if we have breast cancer and subsequently every time we get a pain now the mind plays tricks and you start to think that it has spread. 


You could always give your mums breast care nurse a call and have a chat with her to see what she thinks


Good luck for the results on Monday, let us know how she gets on


Helena  xx

Thank you Helena!

Yes that’s correct. She had a mammogram,and ultrasound because they found something abnormal. She also had to have microbubbles test too, which most women I’ve heard of haven’t had to have?.

I hope it’s just nothing I really do, and that it hasn’t spread. It’s hard when she’s upset and being negative about it all because it seems to be one thing after another. She’s got glands come up in her collarbone and neck and in her armpit too, which is a worry.

Her Macmillan nurse said she can’t say or do anything about it until Monday when we get her results, so it’s a horrible mental and emotional waiting game.

Chloey x

Hi ChoJade

Good Luck for tomorrow.  I can vouch for Ladybowler support which you can see in various places around this site it is always well thought out and practical.  Do you think it is possible that maybe your mum is sleeping in a different position to protect her tender left breast and perhaps this could be causing some unusual for her pain on her other side?  Maybe she usually sleeps on the opposite side.  You are a lovely daughter to be supporting your mum, well done.