Mum referred to surgeon after cellulitis and scans

hi my mum had stage 3 breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, lumpectomy and radiotherapy and hormone therapy. She has lymphadenopathy on the breast and following a routine check up she found she had cellulitis. After antibiotic treatment that seemed to correct the symptoms she went for an mammogram and ultrasound now although the scans have not shown any signs of the cancer being present the oncologists have referred her to the surgeons but we are unsure why if the scans show no cancer signs. Any help would be appreciated as we are very worried

Hi Scuba, sorry about your mums cellulitis. The scans are stressful anyway, without looking for cancer! I think that seeing the surgeons is routine follow up and not something to worry about as she has no signs of cancer. It’s a check up to see everything has settled down and to give advice.
Best of luck, and sorry I cant help, but I can give support:)
x x

Mum is seeing the surgeon on Thursday, however today the breast has swollen a huge amount and appears red and sore, previously this has been diagnosed as cellulitis. Please help with advice as getting increasingly worried