Mum secondary bc-so sick on tamoxifen

Hi my had ibc back in 2005 the outlook at that time seemed grime as the chemotherapy did not work but hadvagreat response to the hormone drug. She was told in dec 10 that it has spread to the lung.they changed the drug andbhave had to change it again to tamoxifen my mum is so sick on this and has no appetite. She is losing weight rapidly. We thought it was calcium drug which she has been taken off but she is still sick

There is no other hormone drug she can take, Has anyone else been sick on tamoxifen . So worried


Hazy is there an option for your mum to try another chemo rather than continue with the Tamoxifen? There are several chemos for mets that are quite tolerable (Xoleda for instance) - maybe this would work better for her? I hope you manage to get something sorted out.

finty x

Hazy, has she actually been told that there is no other hormone drug? or has she tried a variety. I ask , because has she been offered Faslodex? (fulvestrant) as I believe this works on the cancer in the same way as tamoxifen, but is a monthly injection, so would hopefully prevent the sickness. OK the injection is not pleasant, but is only needed once a month, then it is over with.

Or as Finty said, there are many different chemos that she could try.
I hope that a treatment plan, that yolur Mum is happy with, is sorted asap xx

Thank you so much for your posts. Her ono mentioned falsodex but said they would require funding. She has been so responsive to hormone tablets in the past. And said I understand falsodex is our only option. They have not dicussed chemo I did not work the first time. She had a CT yesterday so we are due back to see them on the 9th. I hate seeing not eat.