Mum starting chemo...

I have previously posted on these forums and have found them very very helpful when I’ve felt down and not known what to do or say for my mum.

We have got through it all this far, as you all said we would!

The lump has been removed with clear margins, so now we are waiting to here when she’s to start chemo. We are assuming that it will be in 3-4 weeks.

Obviously my mum is anxious about it all. I’ve showed her these forums but she’s not too clued up on the internet/forum side of things haha.

I just wonder, how do I stay strong for her through this all? I know, as with most women, her main worry is loosing her hair. I am so scared for the moment this happens, and for seeing her gradually get worse with the chemo. As she’s told me, she feels 100% well now - even though she’s had ops and been in and out of hospital. So we know when the treatment starts that’s when it’s going to hit that she’s ill.

Anyways, feel like I’m blabbing slightly! If anyone has any advice that would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Well, she is starting off with a wonderful asset, a concerned and loving daughter.
Find the thread about top tips for chemo and go through it- then remember that no one has all the problems, and don’t buy everything people say as she may not need it!
Re the hair, accept that she will get upset about it, at some point, I think everyone does, whether other people get to see them being upset or not. But you can help. For a start by handing her the tissues if she cries and accepting that she is upset.
Help her shop (online? or in real life) for hats or buffs or scarves.
Go with her to choose a wig before she loses her hair, have a look at the stuff by Trevor Sorbie about wigs for people on chemo.

And take things day by day, week by week, you/she can’t deal with it all at once.

This is the Top Tips for Chemo thread mentioned above-remember no one needs everything!

Any comments from other sons/daughters about how they coped?

Hi! Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: with regards to the hair loss she bit the bullet and got it all shaved off on thursday - she didn’t start chemo until friday!! Bless her, she just wanted the control of it and thought that if she did it it’s one less thing to worry about throughout the treatment. So so unbelievable proud of her, she didn’t shed a tear and isn’t embarrassed at all by it. Massive respect for my mum right now :slight_smile:

So she started her treatment today (friday), and all day has seemed her usual self. I’m not sure how it works and when the side effects of it tend to kick in though. Fingers crossed she’ll cope okay!

If anyone else is going through chemo at the min myself and my mum would love to hear how you’re getting on! I know everyones symptoms can be different but I think it always helps to hear other peoples experiences!

Thanks, Claire.

Hi sorry you have had to join us but welcome I think there is a aug /sept chemo thread you might like to pop on to there are some new ones there I’m on chemo at moe for sec to lungs its hard going but we cope somehow my se norm kick in on day 3/5 but we all diff y mum might be one of the lucky ones and and sails through it ok best of luck with her treatment tc Laura

So sorry about your Mum, but some of us dont suffer too much from the SEs. I had EC5 on Tuesday, followed by my neulasta jab on Wednesday (to boost my blood cells) and have been totally exhausted since but feel brighter today and off for a walk. Will be back at the gym next week. Yes, there are other SEs I get, like Hot flushes through the night, heartburn, constipation, no taste, furry mouth etc etc … but they are all copable with … and weeks 2 & 3 post chemo are usually pretty good so your life just revolves around your good days. Hope it all goes well x