Mum starts Chemo

Mum starts Chemo

Mum starts Chemo Please can anyone help?

My mum has her first chemo session on Thursday this week, and I would like to know what will happen? My mum lives 70 miles away from me and will be attending this session with my stepdad. She has told me that the first chemotherapy is given by injection? I’m going with her to the next appointment and I’d just like some information about what will happen, and what to expect?


Chemo Sharon Jane,

My mum has 6 lots of FEC - There are different types of chemo.
She had hers adminstered by a nurse into her arm - There are 3 different drugs for FEC - The F one, C one and E one…

At the time mum found it ok - her veins got more painful as it went on.
During mum had some funny sensations and felt poorly about 2 - 3 hours after. Although after the first one she was reasonably ok. I would recommend your mum takes all anti sickness drugs etc offered as mum swear they helped her.

It can take quite a while and my mum and stepdad were often there the good part of a day as they run a few tests first etc… So tell her to take some snacks for your stepdad etc…

My mum had cold cap for the first 2 sessions and this takes longer as its a helmet type thing that you wear for hour before and after and can prevent hair loss. My mum found it did delay her hair loss. We bought her a fantastic wig from Debenhams and she got the same one through the NHS. I also bought her lots of scarves and hats and bits for the summer last year.

It is scary but your mum is in good hands and this is to make her better and any fears she may have etc she should talk to the nurses there they are really good. My mum met a few friends through having chemo too so they could support each other.

Take care and will be thinking of you on thursday.
Sarah x

Hi Sarah

thank you so much for your kind thoughts and really helpful advice. Mum has been told the chemotherapy will be quite aggressive and I’m not sure which type she will ne having. she has been told that 3 of the lymph nodes are already affected as well as her breast, and the consultant was unable to tell her what her chances of survival are until she has surgery in 6 months time.

Thank you again,

Take care and best wishes to your mum.

sharon x