Mum with 5 YO

Hi all, this is my first post since my secondary diagnosis in March this year. I am a liver/lung/bone mets girl. My first line treatment was Palbo and Letrozole, scanned after 4 cycles, and had progression everywhere, absolutely devastated, wanted more time on Palbo as my first line.  My Prof took me off Palbo and now I’m on first cycle of Capecitabine. 


Any other ladies out there with ER+/HER2- that didn’t respond at all to Palbo but have to Cape? Also anyone with young kids or is there another group for women with young children?  


Thanks for reading xxx

Hi millasmummy, :heart::heart:the someone like me facility on here would be able to put you in touch with someone like you and also guide you to any of the threads which could support and guide you. I’m sorry if I’m not much help, but hope it does help ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Sending you ? I do know someone who had palbo fail but is doing well now on cape so keep that thought and I hope you get good results from it ?

Hi Millasmammy,


Please try not to despair. I was on Palbo / Letrozole and it didn’t really work. Now I am on Cape and the first scan proved it to be working. (I was so scared it would fail as well.) Also, I feel a bit better, not so much tired. So there is hope. We are still at the beginning of this road I like to believe. My onc confirmed that there is a choice of medication available. Also, some alternative hormonal treatment can be tried later. So there still are option and something will work.


I tolerate Cape quite well with not many side effects. Only the feet are causing me problem - perhaps extra week off will be needed at some point.


I started with 2 weeks on, one off. Now, because of my feet am on full dose but one week on, one week off which works well for me. I really appreciate this little bit of stability until next scan.


I have young children too, my youngest is 7.


Good luck & keep faith.



Hi there, try bit to dispair. Palbo didn’t really work for me, I got multlipe liver mets. The good news was Cape cleared u p the liver mets completely and improved and stabilised the bone mets. I got 24 cycles out of it. A couple  bone spots have popped up so I unfortunately need to change. Keep your feet very moisturised and wear good trainers as much as you can. You need to avoid getting hacks on your feet.

I had great quality of life on it, travelled a lot, to the states and Europe. I have an 8year old. Its tough but there’s hope!