mum's 1st chemo

Hi, mum had her 1st chemo(epi) Monday, she is doing really well. She has felt sick, tired, bit of a temperature and has a little brusing to her face but that’s it. I am so proud of her and will be happy if she only has these side affects. She had her hair shaved off a few hours before she went for chemo so that she doesn’t wake up one morning with it on her pillow. This is the only thing she was worried about, that’s why she shaved it off. We go to pick up wigs on Friday so she is looking forward to showing off her new hair do. Be back soon with more up dates.

bet your Mum is proud of you, you are doing more than you will ever know. Have a great time with the wigs, I took my daughter too and we laughed so much. It was one of our fun days in all this worry. Keep us posted
Lily x