Mums just been told she has breast cancer

Hi everyone,


This is my first post. I’m very very worried because my mum found a lump around 3 weeks ago. Shes 50 and still going through menopause but cant go on HRT because of a pre existing medical condition


She went for a mammogram (they did it twice), and a biopsy and ultrasound today. The doctor at the hospital said it’s very indicative of cancer but the biopsy will confirm which treatment option is best for her. 


Can they really diagnose it as cancer if they don’t yet have the results if the biopsy? I’m so worried, shes my best friend and I cant stand the thought of her being I’ll :frowning:





Obviously until the results of teh biopsy come back they will not know for sure, this is a very worrying time not knowing what it is and fearing the worst.  The main thing is that she is getting it sorted and IF it does turn out to be bc treatment is very good.


If you want to let us know how your mum gets on and encourage her to come here where she will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies.


Sending you both hugs


Helena xxx