Mums Secondary breast cancer

Hello im trying to get advice , tips on foods , chat groups anything to support my mum . We have just got the news the cancer is back and its in organs and bone . Mum will be going on Letrozole and abemaciclib so if anyone has advice on this also i would really appreciate it . Im scared , i know mum is too but not saying that or letting on yet and the stress we have had this 1st wk from the hospital has already been immense and too long to write . Mum has also had a kidney stent put in as they wasnt functioning properly so really going through it and i wish i could take all this from her ( i even asked if i could give her one of my kidneys ) in my not thinking straight moments . Thank you in advance x


:heart: sorry you find yourself on here trying to help your mum with the new diagnosis :heart: there is a secondary thread which she can apply to join if you think that will help support her :heart: please do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse and maybe your mum can use the someone like me option too :heart: BCN is here for you and your mum and family :heart: so do look at everything BCN can support you all with as much or as little as you need :heart: also do go to your Macmillan at your trust there might be a local group your mum can join if that would be helpful :heart: others will pop on here and share anything they’ve found helped them too :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

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Thank you xxx

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