Muscle and joint pain

I know this is a common thread as muscle and joint pain seems to be a side-effect for lots of the cancer treatments. However, I was really hoping/expecting that I would start to feel better but it seems to be getting worse and it is getting me down. I am no longer on any drugs. I had my diagnosis in Oct 2017, Her2 +ve - had FEC-T chemo, lumpectomy, radiotherapy and herceptin. Recurrence on Herceptin so left mastectomy March 2018. Two months after I finished my chemo, I developed very painful feet - not classic neuropathy but as if someone had been hitting them overnight with a baseball bat. It is very bad first thing in the morning and I have to hobble around like a 90 year old. Gradually my ankles seemed to join in plus knees, hips, shoulders and neck. My oncologist prescribed dexamethasone for 6 months and hey presto it all disappeared within 2 days. I can’t tell you what a relief but after a year on the steroid I have now been advised to ween myself off and I am literally back to square one. I used to be such an active person and I’m really struggling. The health professionals just seem to shrug their shoulders and don’t come up with any advice. The fact that the steroid obviously alleviates the symptoms suggests to me that it is some sort of chronic inflammation brought on by the chemo or herceptin or both. I just wondered if there is anyone out there that has found any treatment to relieve the constant pain. I’ve tried all the usual painkillers, glucosamine etc but no joy.

Hi Shonagh - thank you for your post.  I was diagnosed in May 2017 - same treatment as you with an mx of my right breast together with complete node clearance.  I finished all treatment including Herceptin injections in June 2018.  Reading your post was almost as though I’d written it myself!  The muscles in the tops of my legs are the worst!  I’ve also developed plantar fascilitis in my left foot - but I’m not sure that it’s definately that but the symptoms are very similar.  I’ve now just developed the symptoms of carpal tunnel in my right hand - again not sure it’s defintely that? - as you say, when I first get up in the morning and when I get up from the armchair after a period of sitting, I’m just like a lady of 91 rather than 51!  I’m OK once I get going and I can walk moderate distances without too much problem.  It’s all awful but at least I’m here! x