Muscle cramps/spasms

i have just finished two years on zoladex… am on tamoxifen now but i seem to get terrible muscle cramps/spasms in my legs at night, anyone have the same problem? any suggestions to help
many thanks.

Hi Bakers

I didn’t have Zoladex, just Tamoxifen which I started last Oct. I’ve had terrible leg cramps at night. They can start just below my bum and extend down to my toes, and my big toe sticks up at right angles to my foot. It seems to last forever, and horribly disturbs sleep. It was pretty regular a few weeks ago and even started happening during the day, so I mentioned it to my bcn. All she could suggest was to eat bananas! I have done, although not obsessively, and whether for that reason or another, the leg cramps have not been so bad of late. Bananas are worth a try!

Hope it improves for you, as it is miserable


Thank you very much I will try a bunch of bananas tomorrow.
Keep well

I am not on the same meds as you but suffered dreadful cramps/spasms. I had the big toe at right angles prob and really bad spasms would last 20minutes and often when i was out and about to drive. My fingers would lock up at odd angles as well. I tried quinine, bananas etc. and nothing worked. A little while back I read something about magnesium trials with elderly (don’t consider myself quite there at 63)and found that gave me relief for quite a long time. More recently because of problems with my bone mets I am taking amitriptyline and it has been bliss. Been on it for several months now and not one spasm :)It might be worth talking to your onc about this. I am on a dose of 25mgs but suspect this would work with 10mgs. When the cramps get that bad I think anything is worth a try but with your docs approval.


Hi I have been on tamoxifen for 3 yrs, still 2 to go.

I think I have been on every make incl Nolvadex and cramped on every one.

My GP has just suggested tonic water for the quinine to help, but really cant find it working at the mo but still early days.

I cramp everywhere, legs are awful in the morning, I daredn’t stretch unless husband still in the bed, have problems when I yawn and everywhere else when I do gym classes, even my back tonight when doing final stretches, have also been told to drink isotonic drinks to replace lost salt…

I hate tamoxifen it has also sent me quite depressed and my hips are out of proportion, but with highly driven ER+ and not the best of prognosis I know I have to take it…

good luck everyone else on it…

Debbie X

I have leg cramps every now and then and I think tonic water may help. My mother (who is in the elderly category!) suffers quite badly from cramp in her legs and her GP has prescribed Quinine Sulphate tablets, which seem to be helping.

I got bad foot cramps at night with Tamoxifen and I found that they were better if I kept my feet under the duvet all night as before I tended to throw off all the covers each time I had a hot flush. Now, just keep feet under duvet so not getting cold and it has helped.