Muscle Pain in arm after SLNB

Hi All,

I has surgery on 23rd Feb I had x2 Lymph Nodes removed.

The actual cut in my armpit is healing amazingly well and isn’t much discomfort.

However my worse pain is a muscle pain going all the way from my wound to my wrist is a tight sharp pain and extremely tender to touch. I use a massage machine on it and the tight feeling goes for about an hour only to return again.

Just wondered if anyone has experienced this before.

Be nice to know how they man handled me in surgery to secure my arm to do the surgery as perhaps its from that. The worse pain and tenderness is above my elbow on the inside of my arm.

Dear Kat-Jac,

So sorry to read you are so uncomfortable, after what you have been through, it the last thing you need. I’m not medically trained however I think this sounds like cording or Lymphoedema, my suggestion would be to call your breast cancer nurse for advice. If treatment is needed this will be arranged usually physiotherapy.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, lots of health and happiness going forward.

Please come back and let us know how your getting along

Biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

Hi @kat-jack I had a WLE and SLNB on January 31st, no pain from the WLE but the lymph node biopsy was extremely painful like yours from the wound to my elbow. It’s still tender but the pain eased a lot at around 3weeks. Results due on Thursday.

Hope your pain eases soon x

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It does actually sound like cording - 2 of my friends have experienced this . One of them found some videos on YouTube which were helpful but you need to contact your BCN on Monday , in the meantime keep gently stretching . I didn’t have cording but there was a tightness in my under arm going down my arm as far as my elbow which the post - op exercises seemed to help - but not as bad as yours sounds to be .

Hope you get some relief from it soon .


So woke up this morning ad it is cording I can see it now between my armpit and elbow. Im gutted it hurts more thsn any of my procedure.

Really tender and painful.

Sorry to hear but at least you know what it is and it is something that can be treated and you will fully recover from it given a little time . Do keep moving your arm and contact your BCN tomorrow xx

Hello @kat-jack
I had cording in my lower arm, it didn’t give me major pain, also had numbness and tightness in my armpit thru to elbow, again no major pain as such. My arm did ache and was uncomfortable especially after using it.
I was sent for physio and whilst waiting for appointment found some exercises on YouTube. It’s pretty much gentle stretching in each direction.
As you’re in major pain it maybe nerve issue in which case your BCN might be able to fast track you to physio, you could also ask about holistic help such as massage. Maybe self massage of the area is possible but before trying anything speak to your BCN.
Hope you are sorted soon xxx

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