Muscle Strain in LD flap reconstructed breast

I had LD reconstruction together with fat taken from thighs and tummy in my right breast four years ago, one year after the mastectomy. I have suffered back pain ever since. I have recently been having skiing lesson and could feel the pulling in my breast when getting on the lifts. During the third lesson I was in excrutiating pain and could no longer pull at all. The pain is in my breast, arm and arm pit. I saw my consultant who said it was LD strain and this would happen due to the nature of the muscle, and to take Nurofen four hourly but to continue with the lessons. The pain is decreasing gradually but it is still very painful to either pull or push.

As we are going on holiday skiing in January I am more than concerned about this. Has anybody else experienced this? And does anybody else suffer with back pain - which I have been told his due to scar tissue or nerve damage and nothing can be done.

Hi spudang I had LD op in 2014 and still suffer with discomfort,tightness and pain I do a lot of stretches and find this helps. Also massaging the scar quite firmly it does hurt but helps to break up the scar tissue I try and do it most days and it does feel easier. I am currently waiting for a Diep reconstruction now as have developed a capsular contracture so had nothing but problems really. I haven’t had muscle strain but occasionally it does ache around my shoulder which usually settles with rest and ibuprofen x