Mushroom supplements

Has anyone used or considered taking mushroom supplements? A friend of mine who is a dietician has recommended shiitake and maitake. They are used in Japan to complement chemo. Am tempted to give them a try and wondered about anyone else.

HI Frankieluvscupcakes,
Yes I have heard about taking mushroom supps. especially the ones you mentioned being shiitake and maitake I didn’t take them through chemo but do cook weekly now and add shiitake mushrooms to our food. Sorry I cant help you anymore on this I would strongly recommend that you tell your oncologist about any supplements you are thinking of taking espeically whilst doing chemo, get them to ok it prior to buying the stuff, also some supps can interfere with the effectiveness of chemo like for example St Johns Wort, so please tell your onc.
Love and light to you
sarahlouise xx

HI Frankie
I looked in to this (half heartedly) as something called Coriolus Vericolor (mushroom derivitive) was recommended by a friend with lung and bone mets. She claims it works wonders - but leaves me wondering how she knows this and is it sanctioned by her onco?? I think she buys it from USA at great cost.
I decided not to pursue, if it was that good - surely we’d all be taking it and skipping around like spring lambs?
Agree with SL - I’d definately run it by your onco if you wanted to take supplements. Adding fresh mushrooms to your cooking sounds like the better option.
Just my personal opinion!
Post if you hear any more…

“A US study tested another complex sugar compound from maitake mushrooms called grifola frondosa in breast cancer patients. The study aimed to find out if the extract affected the immune system. Patients took the extract by mouth for 3 weeks. The researchers took blood tests to measure any effects. One patient stopped taking the extract because of sickness and joint swelling. Another stopped because of a rash and itching. The researchers found that the extract stimulated some immune functions but depressed others. So we don’t yet know whether this compound can help the immune system to fight cancer.”


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