mushrooms and breast cancer (estrogen receptor positive)

Some interesting (albeit in vitro) studies showing anti-estrogen effect of mushrooms. Quotes:


“Bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, celery, green onions, and spinach dropped aromatase activity by about 20%, but mushrooms forced down the estrogen-producing enzyme more than 60%.”




Mushrooms also have immune boosting beta glucans so seems like a healthy thing to add to one’s diet.


Hope this info helps.

Sounds great, I can add more of some of those to my diet since I’m oestrogen positive. But there are mushrooms, then there are mushrooms. Any indication of a certain type? And quantity? I had a mushroom stir fry today but can’t imagine that would have the slightest effect.

That’s interesting!

I’ve been craving mushrooms lately. Perhaps it’s my body’s way of fighting back! I’ve also wanted lots of smoothies with raw fruit and veg. I feel sure diet has an effect. 

Thanks for posting.

Found an interesting article here, has some useful info on the topic

Recently, I came across some interesting information on the Internet that mushrooms can have a practical effect on cancer. At this point, I remembered about my friend who has cancer, so I decided to delve into this article and read it unlikely to find something useful that will help her to suspend or overcome this disease. This article says that there are many types of mushrooms that contain chemical compounds that can beat cancer. After that, I decided to learn more about the properties of mushrooms and their help against cancer. There are many mushrooms, such as the enoki mushroom - it blocks the growth of the tumor blood system, has the property of raising the immune system, and many others. The lion’s mane mushroom is known as a cognitive enhancer, also blocks the growth of tumors, and has even been used by ancient and modern herbalists to support mental alertness, memory, and mood. There are many mushrooms, so it is worth having a look and choosing one for yourself. I told my friend I thought that she would not ignore my recommendations.