MX home and feel worse

I had a MX on left side with sentenal node and a few others taken on Thursday. Just got home from hospital Sunday afternoon after being kept in a bit longer due to monetering a hematoma on chest but it has started to come down again so got home yesterday.
I had a Realy bad night last night with pain and this morning have been quite sick. So lying in bed just now feeling very nauseated.

Is this normal to feel like this? Also feel alot of rib pain below level of breast. I still have my drain in and the bag is almost full. But I am to see bc nurse tomorrow to possibly have drain removed but it seems to still be taking alot of blood away so not sure what they will do.

Any advice will be much appreciated as I am starting to panic about the nausea.

I had a haematoma with extra days in hospital too. I think you should ring the ward and ask for advice. You should not have to be in pain - have you taken any pain killers? - or suffer with nausea. The drain bag being full could be causing your pain as it could be dragging on the wound but of course I’m not medically qualified. Please do call them today to get some reassurance.  All the best. 

I tryed calling my bcn but could not get a hold of her. I do have an appointment tomorrow to see her.
I have been taking pain killers , wondering if it’s them making me feel sick or a bug or something else?
Thanks x

Hi Catokitty
My nausea is alot better today. Seen nurse and as my drain bag was full she decided to remove it and put a fresh one on . I have to go back again tomorrow to see if they want to remove it or leave for another day.
Still quite swollen brused at armpit.
Also Dreading the next step of the pathology report.
Luv V x