Mx next week

Hi all
My Breast nurse confirmed my MX is booked for next week. I had asked for MX, instead of WLE. Surgeon has agreed, however, the BN mentioned immediate reconstruction at the same time of the mx, and I’ve no idea what to expect. Can anyone explain the reconstuction please? What do they do? is it implants?
Also, how long is the recovery period after MX? BN also mentioned the surgeon will be taking some glands?? I forgot to ask questions as it was a hurried phone call whilst I was at work today. I’m going for pre-op this Thursday, so will ask then, but wondered if anyone could help before then?

Thanks, Jacx x

Hi Jac,
Sorry for the late reply to your post . I had a mx with immediate recon and yes mine was done with a tissue expander in place which then had to be inflated over several weeks so that the permanent prothesis could be fitted into place. With this type of surgery you have to factor in another hospital stay of 2 days and recovery time of at least 6 to 8 weeks each time.
I was fully prepared to have an old fashioned mx , but my BCN made me an appointment to see the oncoplastic surgeon and I really warmed to her she was such a lovely lady, put my mind at rest and I felt comfortable with my decision. I have also been fairly pleased with the result. I too had a Sentinel Node Biopsy which checks for Cancer spread into the Lymph nodes.
I know you will have a lot more questions when you go on Thursday so take a little note book as you can easily forget what everyone tells you.
Sending you lots of hugss and positive vibes, Tracy xxx

Hi Jacx

There are several different options for immediate recon. It’s important to make sure that you are aware of them and make the right decision for you - you will be living with your ‘new’ boob for a long time.

You might find this useful:

Give your BCN a call and get her to explain what she meant - you may need an appointment with your surgeon to go through what he has in mind and the pros and cons of the different options.

Good luck

PS - I had an immediate mx and LD flap + implant recon and I’m very happy with the results.

Hi Jacx,

I am also havign a mx next week and have always been against recon as I dont want surgery on another area of my body. I have a oncoplastics surgeon and yesterday saw a plastic surgeon. There are a massive amount of options and its a very personal and individual choice as to what recon or not to have.
I feel real empowered and that my choices are second from top priority (first being getting rid of the cancer).
I have chosen to try lipomodelling, relatively new for full reconstructions in my area but its the best fit for me.
Hope you get on well today and don’t feel rushed into anything, my BN is invaluable and I know I can phone up when ever to ask some silly questions or really important ones.


Hi Jacks
I had a mx just two years ago and like yourself I don’t want any more surgery on other parts of my body. I wouldbe interested to know a bit more about lipomodelling, can you let me know where I can find information. Can I ask which part of the country you live in, I live in the north west and don’t know if this is available up here.

Hi, thanx for replies. The booklet is so informative. When I was diagnosed, I just thought, OK, no boob, I can live without it, just need to get rid of the cancer. I must admit that reading the booklet has distracted me and took my mind off it for a little while. Still, not sure if I’m ready for the extended surgery involved, just want to get out of the theatre asap!
I will ask more questions tomorrow.
Maz, my surgery is Wed, do you want to ‘buddy up’ and share experiences, if that’s the right phrase?
Told my teenager last night about the BC, he took it really well. However, any tips on how to tell an extremely sensitive 10 year old? I can’t find the right words.
Jac x

Hi Maz
could like me know where to find formation on lipomodelling I also don’t want to have any surgery on another part of my body.


Bumping this up so that ppl can see it to reply

Hi Jac

I hope you are ok after the surgery, I am having my mx on the 20th nov and took nearly 2.5 wks to come to the decision, the bc nurses are great and have gave me sound advice and support. I have decided to have mx and reconstruction at the same time (this is to avoid more surgery) I am not sure how I will feel but afterwards, but I continue to try and be positive although it is difficult. When you look well people tend to treat you as if nothing is going on, yet its always in the back of my mind… I had a meeting today to discuss the operation and sort of fell to pieces as it really did hit me like a hammer!
Just make sure you take it easy and take the time to heal in your head and body, its so easy for us to just try and put on a brave face, I have little moments, normally when I do not expect it!

take care