MX tomorrow. Help needed.

Going in tomorrow for mx in the afternoon and worried sick about it.
Any advice of what to expect and how to come to term with losing a breast and also saying goodbye to the breast before it is being remove.
I am very weepy and emotional about everything especially tomorrow. How have others felt waking from the op without a breast (No reconstruction)
Leaving the twins with my husband and going to stay with my bro for two weeks until I am better. Feeling upset about not seeing the twins. Reason going to bro is the twins are very clingy to me and would not leave me alone as soon as they see me.

Hi Kenni,
I hope you’ve gone to bed with a good book by now, but if not, I just thought I’d reply. You must be really apprehensive about tomorrow. I’m sure it’s not as bad as the anticipation - once you get there you sort of get carried along by the procedures and the staff. I haven’t had a mastectomy, but a WLE, so I’m talking from a place of ignorance! but I have had a lot of interventions including chemo over the past 3 years so have a bit of experience of going to hospital for things I’m dreading.
Being apart from your twins sounds like hell, but I imagine you’ll be too uncomfortable for cuddles - they sound quite young, so probably not able to understand to be gentle all the time. Difficult but necessary. You never know you may feel better than you expect sooner than you expect, and be able to cut it shorter.
I hope your brother’s is somewhere you will feel comfortable and looked after and able to rest and relax.
All the very best for tomorrow
I will say a prayer for you. Let us know how you get on
love Jacquie x

Hi Kenni
Just wanted to say hi and I understand how you’re feeling to some extent - I had bi-lat mx and recon last December. I’m older than you and I don’t have children and so can’t understand totally, but know that it will all be alright. Just take it one step at a time and let your bro look after you when you get there.
Deep breathing helps to calm me down and one thing that helped me in hospital when I was worried was ‘Keep calm and carry on’.
Thinking of you
River x
ps. I’m not on here very often these days, but will look out to see how you get on.

Hi Kenni,

I had a mx over 2 yrs ago and had never had any sort of op before. I couldn’t believe how calm I was - went in for 8am and didn’t go for op til 3.45pm. No pre-med, just walked to theatre !! I’ve never had any feelings of loss about my breast and the scar has never bothered me, nor has the fact that I haven’t had a reconstruction. You’ll get ‘caught up’ in the hospital routine and I’m sure all will be fine - honest !

I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for you not seeing the twins as I haven’t any kids but I do know that may well be the hardest part.

Good luck, Liz

hi kenni im much the same as liz, i went in 2 years ago for a double mast, no recon at time apart from expanders and had 2nd opp 6 months later for nipples and implants. I remember just wanting my breasts off of my body, i had a week to wait for my mastectomy after i found i had cancer and it couldnt have come soon enough. I did have 10 mins weeping before i went in though. Its actually suprising how quickly i got used to not having breasts! I hope all goes well tomorrow, try and get a half decent sleep if you can. Take care, emily x x


I had a mx & lymph node clearance back in August.

I was terrified prior to my op & sobbed all the way down to theatre & I think I was still tearful as they sent me off to sleep. I woke up as soon as I was in recovery & was back in the ward in no time.

I went down to theatre at 9am & was wandering round the ward when my surgeon came to see me at 12:30! I was a little sick for 5 minutes when I first got back upstairs, but had no pain or discomfort & had lunch with the rest of the ladies on the ward. I started moving my affected side immediately & never had any problems with mobility.

I had my op on the Friday & went home on the Tuesday…my middle son started school on the Wednesday & I took him there with my remaining drain in an across the body handbag…no one even noticed!! Lol

with regards to staying away from home…keep an open mind. In my personal experience I needed some help in the mornings as I wasn’t particularly fast (my kids were 2, 5 & 9), but I managed most things ok. I was fine to drive by week 3 so I went back to dealing with the kids as normal.

Not being able to lift & carry my wee girl was the most difficult part cause she still wanted up for cuddles…or ran too fast for me when we were out! Lol…but she adapted very quickly & would gently sit beside me on the couch & cuddle in & would take my hand when we went out to make me feel better!

Sorry for the long ramble, but I just wanted to let you know my experience & let you see that you probably won’t need to spend all that time away from your kids. See how you feel, but personally I think that my kids pulled me through what would have been a very traumatic time for me.

I also gave a nurse my bra to bin when I put on my theatre gown…she looked at me like I was mad…then clicked! I dont think I could have coped with it being there when I woke up!

Anyway…enough long story!

Good Luck with your op & the rest of your treatment!


Hi Hxx
thank you for letting me have an indepth experience what I should expected tomorrow.
Like you the thoughtof not able to cuddle my twins (15 months old) is driving me crazy. I just hope that I will just like you and recover quickly. No one told me that it only take 3 hours from start to finish for the op. Very reassuring to know this.
Very grateful for your reply and at least now I can settle down a bit and probably still can’t get to sleep worrying about tomorrow.

Hi Kenni,
Such a sad time for you, l found it helped writing it down, l have pasted my ‘letter’ for you to read, if you want to read all the lovely supportive replies l got, go to ‘undergoing surgery’, l posted it on the 10th May 2010…and it was under the heading My Breast, Goodbye my friend!

Dear Ladies,
After Wednesday 12th May 2010, l will have a little less baggage! so while l am sure l will miss my ‘friend’, she has caused me nothing but trouble over the last few months. So a few words of comfort to my ‘friend’.

I was once so proud of you, along with your partner, you were there for me in my hours of ‘Love’ you were there for me in my days of ‘nurturing’ you were there to fill my tops and dresses, to make me feel every bit a woman!
I stuck by you when you travelled too far south, and gave you all the support you needed!
But sadly the time has come, for us to part. Please don’t be sad, it is not your fault, just one of those things that life throws at us, and my only chance is to leave you, and go on with my journey.
Hope you don’t mind if l keep your ‘partner’ I am hoping she will remind me of the happy days when l had you both so close to my heart.
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx

I hope you find this of some comfort, the replies l got were a great comfort to me.
I am a lot older than you, l cried when l went for the op, the nurse was wonderful, when l woke l looked at the scar, everyone is different so you cope how you can. I have had a few weepy moments just after the op, but really glad to get rid of something that was causing me so many problems.
As for the op itself, l have had no problems, l had it done on a Wednesday and came home on the Friday. I was driving 6 days later! probably not wise!! but l did it, not far just enough!
I can now use my arm as normal, just careful what l carry, not too heavy and not tried digging the garden yet!!
Obviously with young children it is difficult, l had my grandsons visit today, ages 5 and 3 and had no problems lifting the youngest up on my ‘good side’
You take care, cry when you need, don’t hold back it is a very sad time for you and you need to let it all out. The staff were excellent and very supportive, they will understand your tears
Lots of Hugs
Sandra xxx

Hi Sandra
Your poem really hit the spot. I will definitely print it out and enlarge and laminate and put it on the wall to remind me why I need to have the breast remove. Read some of the replies you have got and they were so so reassuring, encouragement, bravery, helpfulness and understanding from all the ladies who are or have taken this journey to beat bc.
I am so glad that you told me that you are able to drive within 6 days and also managed to carry your grandson on your good side. My twins are only 15 months old and like to climb all over me. They are always on the go.
Thank for your poem.

Der Kenni, good luck for your op later today. I’m sure you’ll be back with your little ones earlier than you think.
Everyone will take the very best of care of you and you will recover best in hospital. Well done for being so organised and planning stay with your brother but I’m sre you’ll want to get back earlier than a fortnight.

Good luck from Welsh girl