My 85 year old mom has ben diagnosed with breast cancer

Hello Ladies,
My mom was dieagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeeks ago. She had mammogram,scan and biopsy and was told that day. We went to hospital on Tuesday for results of biopsy and she has been given Letrozole 2.5mg to take for a few months hoping the lump will shrink over 6 months or so (lump is not quite half an inch and hard). But Dr said he would reccomend mastectomy maybe Easter next year. Mom was ok until he mentioned the mastectomy then she began to cry. I told her she does not have to have mastectomy if she doesn’t want to and may not have to if lump shrinks.
Not sure what type of cancer it is i will ask Gp next week when she goes for blood results. She has to have bone scan on 25th Oct as Latrozole thins bones and she is already taking calcium due to curvature of her spine. I hope she doesn’t have to have surgery…at 85 i am worried she won’t come round from the anasetic (sorry spelling)
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Big hugs x cant help really but say my dad had major op at 85 and came through the anaesthetic x x

I know it doesn’t help much hearing how other people were OK, of course it’s different when it’s your mom, but when I had my mastectomy there was a lady in the bed next to me who was 94, had her op the day after me. She had loads of other medical conditions but I’m sure they wouldn’t have offered her the operation unless they were reasonably confident about the anaesthetic. There’s always a risk with anaesthetic no matter how old you are. Anyway the day I went home this lady was sitting in her chair chatting to the nurses and looking forward to going home.
Pauline xx

Hi tropical moment,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums where the users of this site have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them and I am sure they will support you and your mum through this.

To help you both along I have put for you below links to a couple of BCC’s publications you might find helpful. Also, our freefone helpline is there for you and your mum if you need to talk to someone in confidence. 0808 800 6000.

BC and you:

Chemo for BC:

I hope this helps. Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

You know, you may have options. Why not wait and see how the letrazole works? A friend of mine had her treatment plan changed from mastectomy to lumpectomy after the chemo shrunk her tumor to pea-size.
Also, although the surgery sounds draconian, it is less traumatic than you might imagine. Because they don’t have to go “inside” you very much, it is actually easier to bear than abdominal or chest surgery. But take it slowly–at her age the cancer is probably slow growing, and you have some time to make decisions as you need to.
Good luck and give your mother the best wishes of those of us on the forum. Which reminds me–you might call the BCC helpline–those women are a tower of strength and full of valuable and reassuring information.

Hi tropical moment,sorry to hear that your mum is having to go through this.My friends mum first had BC at the age of 64 and then last year had a reocurrence at the age of 83 she had mastectomy and is on letrozole and is doing really well.Hope your mum has really good results from the letrozole and best wishes to you both.

Thank you ladies for your replies,
i will ring BCC over the next couple of days. We are going to see GP tomorrow for some blood results for mom and i have a couple of questions to ask regarding my HRT BCC, and thanks Jo for the links i am just about to look at them now.
We were going on a Caribbean cruise on 1st Feb 2013for 14 nights but they have upped the insurance by over £200 because she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and also as she has only just started taking the tablets i am not sure if she will have any side affects and its a long way to go if she feels ill and it would spoil her holiday. (we have been before so it’s not so bad).
Instead I have booked us to go round the med on 4th December for 11 nights (won’t be as hot as the Caribbean but will be warmish i hope) as mom was looking forward to Feb cruise i thought this would keep her mind occupied as we are back at the hospital on 18th Dec.
Thank you once again for your replies, It really does help when you feel it’s not just you that has all these thoughts. will keep you posted
TM x x

Thinking of you and your mom that’s a lovely idea I’m sure your mom will appreciate that xx