My anxiety has hit me like a bus!


i have finished my chemo on the 9/5/19…I was diagnosed in Oct 18 with 18mm IDCS…IDC…HER2+ 3+…

the last week has been an emotional slide for me, my anxiety has decided it was to take over my mind and throw it in the bin ?

Iv had an ultrasound Which confirmed a positive response to chemo…iv had an mri which I’m getting my results from tomorrow at my surgeon meeting and a PET scan on Tuesday…my surgery is booked for June and I start herceptin at the end of the month.

Could my anxiety and low mood be because of the scans etc or has anyone else felt this wobble this kind of time after chemo??

 Thanks in advance for reading ?


I think all the treatment and tests can be overwhelming at this time, and no wonder your anxiety increases. Also, the fatigue can have an a big impact. I had wobbles during rads as I was just so fed up with all the treatments and sooo tired.

Rest as much as possible and look after yourself. Take one day at a time and things will improve I’m sure. 

Sending hugs xx

Hi Clairbear85 - I wondered how you are feeling and how your results meeting and scan went this week? What you are feeling is totally normal - horrible but normal. You get the diagnosis and very quickly are on the treadmill of treatment without having time to think - which is great, but hard at the same time. This is why forums like this one are so good - everyone on here understands what you say without you having to explain or apologise. Sending you my best wishes and a big hug for your next stages of treatment.

Evie xx

Hi there,

I feel im in the same boat, my chemo finished in June and its been a week since my op and i have done nothing but cry since.  I spoke to one of my nurses and she said the enormity of what we have been through tends to hit us after chemo cause when we are going through chemo all we can concentrate on is getting through it.

Lots of hugs xx