My anxiety level is out of control

I have suffered with very bad anxiety and depression in the past but mostly due to the life altering effects of other chronic physical health problems.

i haven’t been suffering anxiety or depression for 7/8 years now thank goodness 

but since diagnosis on Friday it has gone to 10/10 - I was ok Saturday and Sunday but since then 

I can’t eat - sleep - feel like something so bad is going to happen - feel like I need to escape - was so bad had to get my partner to pull over in the car as was really sick.

two week till op 

but radioisotope scan in the morning - to make sure my bad back isn’t in any way link - terrified of needles even though I am covered in TATOO’s !! 

CT Sunday - not scared had that before 

have got meeting with BReast Care nurse in a weeks time.

have many friends some who have been through BC and all of whom are fine and well now 

have been reading through this forum 

it helps don’t feel so as alone - home alone again tonight as my partner is volunteering

not working now can’t as I am in an intense therapy job and it’s not professional or fair on me or my clients 

feel totally useless :( 

Sorry to hear how you’re feeling Liz, I think most of us have had meltdown days when the anxiety monster runs riot & can send us into a panic.
But, it does pass.
Just keep coming here when you need to offload.
Like you, I went on sick leave when diagnosed as my job involves dealing with vulnerable people & my head was all over the place. I was at work the next day after diagnosis, with someone who had been through an horrendous event & all I could think was ‘I’ve got breast cancer’ banging away in my brain.
The early days are the worst as investigations to confirm the right treatment plan have to be done & the uncertainty is horrible.
It does get better.
ann x

Yes Liz, I remember those feelings, but honestly, once you know what is going to happen, then you feel more in control & feelings settle. Is it an idea to see your GP if you haven’t already?
Although it doesn’t feel like it, this is generally a short lived phase & it does pass.
ann x

Oh Liz I feel the same way, my anxiety is so bad, I had to see a psychiatrist. I was a work last week and just got my keys and got out of there couldn’t breathe I was having a full blown panic attack… but you have to breathe and think positive j know it’s hard. I’m having surgery soon and so scared. Tigua is so difficult to deal with but we will get through this.??? Prayers and hugs gong your way.


I seriously know how you feel.

I’m 41 with 3 kids and life was pretty good ( last few years )

Im self employed and had really turned my life around, as I said above life was good!

Previous to that I was always facing problems being a single mum etc etc and I was pretty depressed, and on seroxat long term.

I was diagnosed with BC on 27/12/17…

Needless to say my life has fallen apart. I have a Ductal carcinoma grade 3 originally measuring a 18mm.

After the initial meltdown I began to process it, and researched as much as I could.

Due to have a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed next Tuesday 30/1/18

In between this I have argued that it is far too long to wait. My carcinoma is now visable and is even more painful. I was told by my breast nurse that its all in my head; 

Until today when I attended a last minute apppointment made by breast surgeon - as I said it has doubled in size, its now 4cm and feels like an electric shock every now and then. It had been painful from the start but has intensified since my core biopsies taken on 20/12/17, however this has gradually got worse!

Up to this moment in time all I know is I am now having to have a breast reduction/breast conserving surgery, a wire will be placed for margins, there is a strong possibility of mx  2 weeks later if the margins are unclear, and its looking as though its triple neg through the 7 core biopsies taken.

Im sure we can’t swear on here but if I could I would gladly let rip! 



I know how you all feel particularly Vixm76.
As the others have said it does get easier once treatment starts this waiting around is the worst part.

Vixm76 I too am a single parent, not quite self employed but it is a family business.

I had triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma, I can’t remember the exact size of lump it was roughly 3.8 as scans showed other hot spots in my breast it was recommend I had a mastectomy. Just as well as they found an area of dcis of over 10cm yes that it centimetres ?

Sorry I’m waffling I just wanted you to know it does get better.
I finished chemo 5 years ago and it’s all just a nasty memory now.

Wishing you all the best x

Hi Vix,
The early days of diagnosis are some of the worst as it’s such a shock, but it does get better.
It’s not unusual for the size to change during the early days, purely because more investigations confirm what it is, it does not necessarily mean it has grown.
Also, it is quite normal to have physical symptoms, as the stress tends to do this. Many of us have felt similar at this stage.
The time scales can feel like an age & time takes on its own meaning somewhat, but things usually happen according to guidelines, although, of course, it doesn’t feel like it.
Sending hugs
ann x

Oh boy super nervous my anxiety level is really bad , I’m having surgery on Monday so scared ? don’t know what to do anymore. God please give me strength…??

Hi All and newly part of this community.
Had 1st biopsy in December but due to a mix up was given the wrong results and told all clear. Long story short I was called back and told I did have bc after all. WLE next week and traumatised beyond belief.
Don’t eat Don’t sleep just walk around in a zombie haze.
Tried Fluoxetine but it made me feel so sick so now just deep breathing in the day and Nytol at night.
I keep looking at people and wishing I was part of the “normal” world.
I have so much support from partner family and friends but I still feel isolated. Even going for a walk feels weird
When will this pass? Does anyone else have a problem just accepting the diagnosis?

Thank you Ann and good to know you are there.
I’ve just spoken to a friend who is a psychiatric nurse and she has suggested a couple of days on anti anxiety drugs until my op on Thursday next week.
Prescription drugs are something I never use and hardly ever taking pain killers. However I do need some sleep and I do need to relax. My thoughts are spiralling out of control
Any thoughts on taking something to help?
Thank you so much for your reply x

Thanks Ann I have just spoken to my GP who has suggested diazapan as a "sticking plaster " to help over the next few days
I do feel that once I get to surgery my anxieties will reduce x

Yes, it will, Andi x

I understand you so much. My anxiety is also out of control. I cant have proper sleep (only a few hours on the couch) cant eat and I’m just waiting for my op next week. hopes it will get better…