My armpit!!

Had my lumpectomy and 2 nodes removed a week ago today.

pain wise I’ve found it not too bad at all, I’ve not really had much pain after the first day.


But the feeling in my armpit area…it’s driving me crazy! It’s like the whole area is super sensitive…the area around my actual wound is fine, it’s still covered with the dressing and isn’t sore if I rub or press gently on it. 

My skin isn’t red or sore looking, but it sure feels it…in fact it feels a bit like when I had shingles a couple of years back. 


Is this usual? Will it eventually ease off? It’s making me feel so uncomfortable and miserable right now ?

Hi Daisy62,

Yes this sounds completely normal! It is a horrible feeling but it does get better. It’s all the nerve endings which have been damaged that give this sensation. I had a node biopsy and went on to have a full node clearance and it did take a little time to ease. I still have a numb area under my arm (after 3 months) but it’s much better and I hardly notice it.  Have you been given any painkillers or anti-inflammitories? If so I would take some and see if it helps.  Hope this helps x  take care x Lily

Yes I had full clearance and I found that feeling awful. It started just feeling yucky and annoying then started to feel like my skin was raw and rubbing. It did quite suddenly get much better, prob between week 3-4 after surgery. I was told to gently stroke the arm and tap it to retrain the nerves. I would just run in creams a couple of times a day usually. Hopefully it passes quickly for you.

Thank you! Least I now know it’s normal… just hoping now that the nodes come back clear so no more needed to come out ?

Hi there,


I am post WLE of right breast on 26th Oct, so 9 days post op (results 9th Nov) and thought I was doing ok, but i am now experiencing these stabbing pains in my arm pit where lymph nodes were removed and wanted reassurance this was normal…


I have sent a message to my breast nurse for her thoughts.




I’m also having pain/discomfort under and down my arm…also had kidney out so double ow! Doing my exercises but really uncomfortable with a ripping/dragging feeling and a sort of sore sensitive sensation down to my elbow.Surgery will be two weeks tomorrow but pain didn’t set in for a few days post op…was in too much pain with my kidney! Being looked after at my daughters…would go home soon but afraid I won’t be able to wash up/ cook.Presume this is normal?

Treeze have you further follow up appointment with surgeon, if not ring BC nurse for some advice ,there are a number of things post surgery that can make recovery more painful ,seroma ,cording ,lymphedema , you should get this checked out .Jill.

I’ve got my consultant appt on Thursday morning followed by my district nurse visit.still have stitches in…could it be that? Skin under armpit feels puckered up as if seen too tightly.Almost impossible to raise my arm.

I had a seroma that meant fluid build up post really put pressure on scar under my arm it was very uncomfortable they drained the fluid off twice and that helped .If it is that bad I would be tempted to ring in the morning and ask if you can see nurse .

Feeling around, there’s an area just above the plaster that feels numb…not sure if that’s normal!

Just read that someone else has the numb bit too.

Numbness is normal .You do need some advice re the swelling though.

Looking into it I think mine is nerve damage…surgeon warned about it.anyone know about this? Prognosis doesn’t look good…can go on for years apparently.Feels like a dead arm and a tight band round it.Painful to turn or lift…

Hi all. Its 8 days since I had my lumpectomy, and sentinal node biopsy. My wounds are healing nicely, and are now itchy, rather than painful. But my armpit is also very tender, feels swollen, but doesnt actually look it. My breast nurse assures me this is normal, as my surgeon would have had a good rummage around in there. lol. I’ve also experienced a lot of pains in my legs, especially in my left one, so much so that I attended A&E on Saturday morning, because I was worried about DVT. Luckily it wasnt, but has anyone else had pains like this? I get my results on November 29th, which I am so worried about :frowning:

Follow up visit tomorrow…really scared that results will not be good…a long while since good seems!

I hope all goes well for tomorrow and you get the news you want.  But if not you/we can deal with it…


Take care, will be thinking of you



Hi, its been a month since my operation and I’m still experiencing soreness under my armpit and shoulder but I have to say liquid gel pain relief really does help.



A new weird smelly symptom after my surgery…my effected armpit smells really sweaty! It’s not infected, its just really strong sweaty smell…the other one is fine! Could it be the removal of lymph nodes or something to do with sweat glands? I’ll be a social outcast of it keeps up!

Thanks Maureen that good advice and cheered me up! X