my beautifull sister

Angela passed away yesturday 25th November 2011 at 8am,we were both diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007,but sadly angela developed secondaries,she was a wonderfull sister and mother to 2 boys and three last she is at peace with no pain or suffering,she came home to my other sisters to die and last week she had a xmas day with her heart aches so much for her.

Thoughts are with you and all your family, so very sad, lots of love and hugs, Simone xxx

I am sorry to read of your dear sisters passing. This is a very hard time for you and your family but you will find the strength to cope. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. It must be particularly hard for you, having cancer yourself, in fact your story mirrors my own to a degree, I have secondaries and one of my sisters has bc. Just try to remember that cancer behaves differently in all of us and we all have different responses and outcomes. In your sadness try to hold on to the fact that whilst Angelas death is awful for you all,for Angela herself it is over and she has no more pain or suffering.I’m glad she got to have an early Christmas with her family - try to hold on to the good memories.
Condolences to you and your family, RIP Angela.

So very sorry to hear ur very sad news. U were obviously very close & it’s devastating for u. Rest in peace Angela xx

I am also so sorry to hear this news, so sad for you & family, but angela is out of pain now. Thinking of you & wishing I could take your pain away.
Love Alis

I am so sorry that you have lost your sister. I hope you have many great memories to carry with you. Take care Debx

Dear Gobby,

On behalf of the moderation team here at BCC, please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your sister. If you need to talk to someone the helpline are here for you, just give them a call.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

So sorry to read this message, but knowing that Anglea will have valued your support and been held in your love every moment she lived.

As everyone has said, she is now at peace, her pain and suffering ended, the promises she and you trusted in faith now her experience as she enters the embrace of God’s etenral love.

You will have many precious memories, and I am sure they will prove a source of comfort in due course.

You are all in my prayers today.

RIP Angela

I am very sorry to read your message. I too lost my wonderful sister Katie, aged 45, in August, three weeks after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was diagnosed when she was 40 and suffered spread two years later. I know how you are feeling and my thoughts are with you and your family. It is very hard I know and I am still trying very hard to come to terms with this myself. It is right that everyone is different and every cancer is different. We are going to try to give Katie’s daughters and husband as good a Christmas as possible under the circumstances and are just getting through this as best we can. I have finished neo-adjuvant chemo 2 weeks ago and am having a mastectomy on 16th December after which I will have radiotherapy.

I try to look at it as being grateful for the wonderful memories of Katie and the fact that, had she lived longer, her suffering would have only got worse as she was very ill at the end.

My very best wishes.

Im so sorry to read the sad loss of ur sister. Can only imagine how u are feeling you sounded do very close. How lovely that she had an early christmas, memories for the family to cherish along with many others im sure. X


So very sorry to hear that your sister Angela has died. It sounds like she had her caring family with her to the end. Condolences to you and to her family.

Laurie x


So sad to hear the news about your sister Angela, my condolences to you and your family, precious memories you will have in your heart forever xx

Such sad news for you and your family.
How lovely that you all got to have an early Christmas with Angela. That memory and many others will stay with you forever.
Stay strong but let the tears flow when you need to and lean on those close to you. Thats what they are there for.

i would like to say a big thank you for all of the kind messages you have posted for me and my family,angela’s funeral is this friday 2nd december,it is going to be very emotional for all of us.angela was very popular where she worked at rover and many will be attending her funeral.i know my beautifull sister is now at peace as before she passed she was very poorly.i only ask of one thing and that is please god take care of my beautifull and precious sister angela.

Oh gobby, how lucky you were to be so close, what a beautiful sentiment, I’m sure “HE” is taking care of her sending you lots of hugs xx

Today 2nd december we had the funeral of my beautifull sister Angela,
Angela’s last journey out of this world was to be the very best she could have,and so her journey was in a beautifull white carridge and two lovely white shire horses,she was a loving mother,a caring grandmother,a wonderfull daughter and the most fantastic sister anyone could wish for.Angela is now at peace.

Sounds like a lovely send off for your beloved sister.Thinking of you and your family.
Love n hugs