my breast cancer

hello,i’m really new to this.i found out last tuesday that i have breast cancer.its oestrogen positive and i am really nervous about all of this.its so scary.

Hi minimouse1962

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good support as the users of this site have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them.

I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications that you may also find helpful.

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Breast cancer and you:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/89/

Hope these help. Take care

Jo, Facilitator

Hi minimouse sorry you’ve found a need to be here, on the good side, you will see you are definitely not the only one! Browse the threads and find folk with similar experience, vent your anger, educate yourself, the support is marvellous.

Hi Minimouse

So sorry that you have had to join us but the warmest of welcomes to you.

Oestrogen positive whilst a bit scarey is treatable with hormone therapy so thats that one dealt with one less worry. The bc itself will be dealt with in time and whilst all of this is extremely worrying and causes no end of anxiety one key thing to remember and tell yourself constantly is that all you have to face going forward is doable and you will come through it.

I too was in your shoes 4 weeks ago when I received my diagnosis of bc and had the two week wait for test results. I returned on 9 March and in fact I am off in about half an hour to the hospital for my Lumpectomy and node removal. I have been riding the rollercoaster of emotions since diagnosis, and in fact am still doing so now but I have come to understand, with all the support and advice here, that we are not alone, we all cry, we are all angry, we can all laugh but most of all that we ARE going to beat the “Big C” and come out the other side.

The one solid piece of advice I was given at the start and will now give to you is to take each day as it comes and do not try to run before you can walk. There is a great deal of information out there and yes it is useful but don’t look too far ahead, use your energies coming to terms with the diagnosis and what hurdle must be jumped next.

Sending you lots of love and hugs
Tracy xxx


Poor you, you are in the worst place which is the waiting bit. You will be up and down and worrying and this is normal, but once things get going and you know what you’re dealing with it will be much better.

I was dx in November and am currently undergoing chemo, with a mastectomy and probably radiotherapy. My cancer is lobular and oestrogen+ (e+).

As said before, do try to take one day at a time and try to avoid ‘googling’ too much, it will throw up stuff that isn’t right and stuff that you don’t need right now.

Keep posting on here, unfortunately there are many of us, all at different stages but all who understand how you are feeling.


I had bc 14 years ago it was e+… I went on to get married and have 2 children xxx take advice from the girls on this forum more than anything else they know what they are talking about XXX

HI really sorry you’ve joined this club, but the forums are great places to be - a year on I still find out new things pretty much every week. So as the others have said - you will be in shock now and the first two weeks was the worst bit of my whole experience. So don’t google , just try to distract yourself until your results are clearer and you have a clear treatment plan. Then you know what you are up against and it gets easier. We call where you are now The Waiting Room and everyone finds it hard!
I’m e+ too and you will probably end up on tamoxifen - my aunt was on and off Tamoxifen for 30 years after her brast cancer was first diagnosed and she did great!
Be good to yourself, Nicola

hello minimouse… horrible feeling aint it ? i remember my diagnosis well,the waiting and the worrying, and the sick feeling that keeps washing over you. i also had ER/poss breast cancer i was diagnosed last april after a routine mammogram, no lump no puckering no discharge,no warnings nothing, just a horrible shock when i was recalled to the breast clinic…and then the rollercoaster ride began. i dont recall much that was said to me at the results clinic… i heard the word cancer… then that was it… i never heard anything else… my mind was mashed, i was numb. i know i spent days crying… nights too. i so wanted to be possitive, but it was difficult… i had to tell my family, and watch them cry its just such a horrible time …but things will get better, your just at the waiting room stage ths is the worst part i think.the not knowing once you know your planned treatment , whats going to happen and when things will begin to get easier to accept.take one day at a time, dont look things up on the internet write your questions down and when you go for your appointments at hospital, take a pen and paper with you,ask the questions u need answers to and write down the answers, when you get home you can look at them . things will soon look brighter for you, sorry you had to join out elite gang . but welcome and we are always here for each other xx

Hello everyone thanks for all the kind words of support.Ihave been back to hospital and i have agreed to go on a clinical trial as part of my treatment.The trial is called NEO-EXCEL and is for post menopausel women…me…newly diagnosed with er positve.I go in a week today for a centinel node biopsy,ten a week after that i start my treatment.xx

Hello everyone,just letting you know how I am getting on with my treatment. I am 11 weeks into my 16 week trial. my lump has started to shrink just this week. for a while there it looked like nothing was happening so u can imagine my relief to notice a difference the other day.I go back to the clinic 0n 5th July so here’s hoping alls well.