My breast developed a big crease overnight! - anyone else had this

Hi all

Hope you have had a good day today …

Had the op 6 weeks ago - right after the operation the breast looked quite normal. (Filled with liquid having taken out a piece nearly 10cm long including margins).

It has been developing a definite dimple - in a line. Then this morning it has developed overnight a crease of about 3cm in length about 1cm above the nipple (they went in through the nipple). I am a bit worried it’s going to develop into a crater …

Showed husband and rather than be dismayed he told me to stop worrying and be grateful I still have it - I AM grateful but am not sure what is going to happen next??? They are looking more different from each other by the week.

Anyone else got a breast which has developed it’s own personality following a partial masectomy??? Are there likely to be any more changes???

By the way - it is quite a bit bigger than the other one (it’s always been a bit bigger) …I am hoping the problem might be swelling going down in patches … this might be a bit hopeful … i.e. I might be deluding myself … I am also trying to lose weight … think I am but (DON’T LAUGH) I broke the scales when I got on them!!! so I don’t actually know about that either …

Any info gratefully received …
FizBix xx

Am not sure about the creae, could be possibly where you had fluid and they drained it, which now swelling going down. I am post op of almost 3 mthys now. HAd a bilateral mastectomy and I have now been getting creases to, I think mine is now due to most of swelling going down, tissue and nerves have now calmed down.

Men don’t know how to react sometimes… I had a bloke have a go at me last night and ended in tears.

Regards losing weight am sure you will, I lost just over 2stone in 8weeks!!! I were ill, had an infection and couldn’t eat for 2wks.

Keep an eye on your scar area where it is dimpling, if it goes red and sore, go straight to docs or see your breast urse as you may have an infection.

Best of luck

Keep smiling too
Tracey xx

if anyone else is reading this - just to say that 2 weeks later things are looking much better - crease is defintely shorter

by the way Tracey - looking forward to the weight loss!

Hi FizBix,
I had WLE in Sept followed by rads. Skin has pretty much settled down now but when I lean forward or my left arm reaches across my body I can see a crease in the breast where they removed a 19mm lump. I too had the op through the nipple so scaring barely visible now. I have to say I sort of celebrate my body more now as I’m so grateful not to have lost the breast. Keep creaming to smooth the scar and feed the skin I found it helped.
All the best.
Caz x

Hi to Caz and anyone else reading this

know what you mean about the celebration - never been so grateful

it’s looking far less crinkled now - almost flat - give it a couple of weeks and i think it may be flat again!

for anone who may have read this and have the same problem … still improving … not uite there yet … but considering it appear overnight it is tking months to go but it is definitely going - I would say it will be gone by June at the current rate

good luck everyone
FizBix xxxx

Hi there
Glad you started this thread. I had my op. four weeks ago, it was going to be WLE but the surgeon took alot more tissue and shifted some round to fill the gap. At first everything looked fine, which I guess was because of the swelling. Now that its gone down I have a big dip right at the top making my cleavage look funny! Everything is generally a bit creased but suppose it may settle and I am lucky to have my breast.
Best wishes
Alison x