my cd

my cd

my cd Hi as some of you know i have been making a cd for breast cancer charity’s it is going to go on sale shortly for £4.99 100% Of the profits are for the Genesis Appeal and my local hospital…we are going to set upp a web site so that it can be bought over the internet as well…the link is

there ae five songs but i could only put 4 on this site they now have backing singer on as well…all the money to make the cd has been raised by friends and the man who wrot the song music and produced has done it for free!!

hope you like it and please concider buying it you can contact me on the other site xxxxxxxxx

Or!!! if that address doesn’t work you can try

wow ive heard your music and really loved the songs i really hope you can raise enough cash its for a good cause, but do you sing proffesionally? if not you should as your voice is lovely and clear. keep up the good work . loved it!! lynn xx

hi hi lynn

NO I dont sing professionally if you knew me you would know how there was no way i would have the courage for that!!!

Thanks for the kind words though!!!

Jacqui xxx

somebody loves you What a lovely song, cant get it out of my head. Your voice is so clear & pleasant to listen to. I,ll be buying a copy of the CD, hope you make a goodly sum for the charity. All the best, Fran.