my chemo has been delayed, waitin on a ct scan.imfreaking out!!!

Hi all im new this forum so b gentle with me.x
i found out i had BC between christmas an the new year, an had my operation on the 14 Jan.All of that went according to plan,but i still havnt started my chemo yet.I was due to start on the 19th of feb wen they realised that i hadnt had a heart scan apparently you should hav that b4 you start chemo,mine was scheduled for the week after???. back again ther on tuesday 26th and the oncologist i met decided as a precaution i should hav a ct scan of my chest area. iv been complaining of tenderness under my breast for some time an hav mentioned it on two other occassions once 2 my surgeon who told me ther was nothin ther an on my first meeting with the oncology team.Dont get me wrong im very grateful that its being checked out but now i hav 2 wait for an app which could take up 2 2weeks. im just scared that the delay in gettin the chemo is not good. by the time i start my chemo it could b 8/9 weeks from my operation.does this really matter.Does any1 have any thoughts or shared experiances which mite calm me down.x


Hi Mona Rose,

It is so terrifying at the start - I recall it well. Everything seems to move at lightning speed and at the same time waits seem interminable. I had chemo before surgery (I had a massive tumour, don’t so things by halves!) so not quite the same epxerinece, but I did have a one week delay to get scans done and then a day delay because of over booking! At the time it seemed really scary, but the reality is that one or two weeks are not going to make any difference - the cancer, even if it was really aggressive took years to grow, and a short delay won’t change anything. Most people seem to start their chemo about 6 weeks after surgery, but there can be delays, for example if the wound is slow to heal. They have to balance very carefully all the risks and benefits. A year from now you will look back and it will seem very different, but now you are understandably petrified - I know I was. If it is any reassurance, despite my little delay, big aggressive tumour etc, I am now two years postoperative and compeltely fit and well.

Gentle hugs.

I had surgery at the beginning of November and then didn’t start chemo until the end of January due further tests and waiting for second opinions. My oncologist said that the ideal time frame between surgery and chemo is up to 3 months; only after this time would the benefits of chemo start to diminsh. Please don’t worry as you will be starting further treatment within the acceptable timescale.
Diane xx

Hi MonaRose,
I sympathise completely. I have a different situation, had op and 4+ weeks on I don’t have an onc appointment yet. I keep reminding myself of something my BCN told me, that the surgery is the primary treatment, and once that is complete, all adjuvant treatment is to help prevent a recurrence.
I take comfort from Diane’s post, and will try to focus on other things whilst we wait. I have just started another craft project - the race is on to get it finished before my appointment comes through! I take comfort also from the fact that if it was really important, the MDT would make sure we get seen quickly.
Having a word with my BCN also helped allay my fears.
Hope you have a great weekend filled with displacement activities!
Best wishes, MM x

Hi MonaRose,

It is very hard to be in the Waiting Room for so long, as I know too well. I had my initial op on January 18th, a second op a month later on 22nd Feb. and am still waiting for a date to start chemo. All we can do in this position is use the time to enjoy ourselves as much as we can, give ourselves plenty of treats, some retail therapy, and be good to ourselves in general. I find fresh air - and an abundance of chocolate with a glass of red wine does the trick for me!!

Good luck xxx

O thank you all so much for your support and advice.ur willingness to offer me support whilst going through your own troubles is so humbling. I am totally reassured.xxxx God bless you all.xxxx

Hopefully, I can offer you more reassurance Monarose. I had my MX mid April 2011 after my diagnosis a fortnight previous. My CT scan followed on 8th of June with 1st chemo on 13th of June ie 2 months after mx. Remember that they need to be 100% sure that you will be getting the correct treatment for you as we are all individuals, just as BC takes many forms. My mx was to remove my BC and my lymph nodes were clear. The rest of my treatment - chemo, rads and herceptin - were my 2nd line of defence and my insurance policy to help prevent any recurrance. Once you get your date for your chemo it will be all systems go so in the meantime take Lola65’s very good advice and enjoy doing what you fancy and keeping as fit and well as possible which will help you get over the rest of your treatment and before you know it you will be bouncing around like an Easter Bunny!!!
Trust me - I’ve been there and have the T-shirt to prove it!!!
Best wishes
Mazzalou xx

thanku Mazzalou,
like u my lymph nodes wer clear and its good to hear from some 1 whos the other side of chemo and is so positive. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is much worse than the reality So yea i hav settled myself. Knowing that the time scale is 3months has helped greatly.So thanks Diane for that. and Mungos_mums comment that the surgery is the primary treatment was also very reassuring.iv also realised from revcat an lola65 kindly shareing their storys wit me that I hav a good fightin chance. Today i feel much more up beat!!! and im gona enjoy my time b4 my chemo starts. so once again thanku all sooooo much. O an Mungos_mum i will b keepin u in my thoughts that ur app happens soon so like myself we can get on wit this.x