My cold cap chemo experience


So, I’m not going to sugar coat it - having your head frozen for over three hours is seriously not fun. And yes it does feel like an ice cream headache, sèbut more of a dull pain. But I got through it. 1 down 7 to go!! It maybe felt worse to me as by the time the second drug kicked in, I’d started to feel quite nauseous. Not sure Murray mints and a hospital tuna sandwich were the best combo though. I was actually sick a few times, so I’ll get Emend next time (thanks to CK for the recommendation!!) I’ve obviously proved I get sick enough to justify the cost ?


This time after I’d been sick they gave me an anti nausea injection into my thigh muscle, which worked miraculously and had me feeling right as rain (despite style crime bobble hat,) A little earlier I honestly thought my chum picking me up would have to give me a piggy back to the car. Even though this afternoon wasn’t up there with the all time greats, I somehow had imagined it would be worse. Feeling tired and a teeny weeny bit nauseous now but I think that’s too much texting and posting. May have to crack out the ginger pop…


CherryBakewell xx

Do you think it was the cold cap that caused you to be sick Cherry or the chemo? (maybe the tuna sandwich didn’t help though?!) I mentioned the cold cap to my oncologist today and she said she was all for ladies to give it ago, but be prepared it wouldn’t work, so I felt negative about that too!

Didn’t realise you’d got to have 8 lots of chemo as well. Sorry, you’ve probably mentioned it before.

Hope you’re not feeling too bad and manage to sleep ok tonight xx

The lengths you will go to for Amend??Shame you had to be sick for it bit at least will have it next time!
Now time to rest and wait for the taste buds to go haywire. Ginger drops and ginger biscuits now maybe! Try to drink lots of water if you can or maybe some bicarbonate of soda in water with fresh lemon.
Lots of

Well done Cherry…shout if you need anything at all…even if its in the night xx


Thanks for your well wishes girls!! Have woken up feeling well, less groggy and unrested than before the chemo - maybe it’s started working already. Or maybe it’s the steroids…


Jencat - yeah, I’m sure the cold cap didn’t help with the nausea and I know it doesn’t work for everybody but I’ll take the 50/50 odds!! There was a lovely lady at Clatterbridge who was on her second cycle and still had a full head of hair. She hadn’t washed her hair at all since starting treatment - or maybe just once. Not sure I could inflict that on everyone though. Ha x


Ali - as ever, thank you for all your support and very sweet offer. Don’t worry, I won’t be disturbing your sleep. Unless I fancied an M&S Belgian Chocolate Jaffa sphere - that would be the deal breaker. I’m sure the M&S Food at Lime Street is open late. Hahaaa x


CK - yep, having lots of water. Can hardly get out of bed for the bottles of Evian and ginger pop lined up. Think I’ve ruined myself for Murray mints for all time though… Must be only a few days till you start your second sesh - you’ve done so well!! Inspired me to be a big, brave girl but have to say I didn’t look it yesterday, slumped in my chair with my head in a cardboard bowl and trying to massage my brain freeze temples x


Hooe you’re all doing well this morning. 


CherryB x



Morning CherryB

I think you were already a big strong girl anyway but this is something different and any good advice other than what the medics say is most welcome by us all.

Murray mints is good but taste buds will change so maybe chocolate minstrels and ginger biscuits and pineapple or pear drops?

Plenty of rest and just nap and eat when you need to…whatever the time am/pm. I loved having no set time to do anything.xx

Hi Cherry
Cheese And yoghurts are good as long as pasturised! Being prepared and in control makes a big difference!

I’m on EC too and I did ask 3 people why on the team not DEC. 6 months ago my hoslital who work with Christies decided that the F drug wasn’t doing much and may contribute to more side effects so they have stopped giving it…but don’t worry if you are on it as it may still help your diagnosis but maybe ask your oncologist.

Hmmmm! You’ve got me thinking about food now!!!
I rhink Salmon

Hi all
This blog’s quite good on chemo & cold capping