My combination - anyone else?

Hi all! Sorry to be here but glad of all the excellent advice and tips so far! 
I’ve now received my treatment plan and have my first round of chemo on 12th Jan - 6 in total, every 3 weeks. My drugs are Docetaxel, Carboplatin, Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab. Has anyone else had this combination? My tumour is BIG but thankfully still stage 2 and they tell me they’re very optimistic that it’s curable. I’m wondering about side effects. Also the leaflet for Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab says I’ll initially have it with my chemo, and then every 3 weeks for one year. I don’t recall that last bit being mentioned to me. My plan as I recall (although my head was spinning at all the information) was the 6 doses of chemo, and then masectomy. Just looking to see if anyone has been through the same, and if so what horrors to expect!!! Thanks ladies

@WTAF   Sorry you find yourself here.  All the info we are given in o e appointment it is no wonder that some of it escapes us.  Trasruzumab and Pertuzumab are also known as Phesgo. They are usually used as targeted therapy for HER2 positive tumours.  If the cancer has not spread outside of the breast then it a standard 18 doses given once every three weeks.  I have it by injection into the top of my thigh.  Stings a bit for literally a few seconds but after that I just chat away with the nurse whilst she does it.  You can start the 18 doses whilst on some chemo drugs such as docetaxol.  18 doses every three week = 1 year.  If like me, the cancer has spread from outside of the breast and is HER2 positive then you can remain on this drug combination for many years.  Hope that helps.  Oh and your hair grows back whilst on the this combination over the year.  I have very few sides effects with it - a little bit tired and occasionally a little bit of an upset stomach but apart from that I find it quite manageable and straight back to work afterwards.  X