My experience

Hi all, I am new to this forum.
I wanted to share my experience as it a positive one and maybe it can give some hope to someone waiting for the breast clinic appointment.
About three weeks ago I noticed a big hard mobile lump on one breast.
I didn’t use to check my breast regularly so I was not sure how long it was there but I felt so strange I could have not noticed for a long time as it was quite big.
I was incredibly worried and I have started to look on the web and that didn’t help.
I got a GP appointment and she noticed a second lump on the same breast. She said that was a good sing. She urgently referred me to the breast clinic.
I had an appointment in less than ten days.
When the nurse examined me she noticed several lumps in both breasts and she said she suspected them to be cysts.
That was confirmed by the mammogram and the scan. They drained the two bigger ones.
I was so relieved to hear that.
I wanted to share my experience as I was really expecting the worse before the appointment.
All the reading I was doing didn’t point me in the direction of a cyst as my lump was hard. The GP mentioned maybe a fibroadenoma but it was only at the breast clinic were they could do proper diagnosis.



Thank you so much for posting your experience.  It is very important for the ladies who come on here having found a lump to see that it does not mean that it is going to be breast cancer and that there are other benign conditions that it can be.


Very pleased for you, well done


Helena xx