my first chemo

was awful, i had it on 23rd october and i was taken in hospital on monday. the chemo had taken my white blood cell count right down and i was really weak and felt so so ill i couldnt even hardly sit up only just long enough to get up and go loo etc. my temperature went to 39.5 and had to be put under barrier nursing which was so boring, i was stuck lik ethat for 3 days. one ood thing though was i met a my old best friend from school we lost touch 10 years ago and hes now a male nurse. was nice to see him again.
has anyoe elsehad this reaction on tac (the strongest form of chemo) they are going to change teh combination next time dont know what too tho lol

Hi there

So sorry to hear what a bad experience your first chemo was. I had a couple of “scares” on both FEC and Tax and ended up in casualty a couple of times, patiently sitting on a trolley while my blood tests were analysed. Fortunately for me I was sent away with antibiotics and made a good recovery.

Can you ask them for Neulasta next time (an injection which stimulates while blood cell count/bone marrow) You need to have it either 14 days before your chemo or exactly 24 hours after. I injected myself (YUKKY) the day after.

Great news about meeting your old friend though! Good luck for your next session

Cecelia. x

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your first chemo
i had a bad reaction with mine and was prescribed GCSF injections and took them for a week when my white blood count dropped. They really worked so got them for all of my chemo treatments
You inject them into your tummy (or get someone to do it for you)
Worth asking for

Sorry to hear what happened to you, the same happened to me after the first treatment. I was given taxol then about 12 days later my temp. went up and I felt shivery. When my blood was checked my neutrophils were 0.3 and I was whisked into an isolation room for three days and given iv antibiotics. After this my dose was reduced and it helped. It was no picnic I can tell you! All the best Alison

Hi Madgal

So sorry to hear that your first treatment was not good, but hopefully things will improve for you. Just remember that it is fighting the b******s away and so hang in there.

Hope the second is better and let us know how you are.

Take care