my five year old

can anyone help, my five year old has been so special just latey that i want to organise, or see if something canbe orgaganised (a bit tlike trisha or jemermemy hyle sometimes do) for kids who help their sick relatives, hes been amazing. on my really bad days when im tired he helps so much with my 22 month old, andi dont ask or expect him do. he lies hime down and tries to do his nappy and is usually successful if its just wet needs help other wise lol but he insists on him doing most (honestly do not expect him to tho) hel feed him his breakfast help get him ready for childminder and then help me out with him when he gets home form childminders. hes even asked if he can go school by himself as im really tired and he wants me to rest so i get better and dont have to movebless him.

also hes een so tolerant of my fowl moods and snappiness that i just feel he deserves to be treated extra special for a day. he loves animals with a passion, always has done and has NEVER even as a baby been spiteful or pulled or hit them. he would love to goto a safari park or zoo and help the keepers for a day and i would just love it to see him doing this. i know it can be organised but how can i go about it does anyone know

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i have no clue where you would go but I would start with maybe the Macmillan charity ask them and if its not them then ask who could help you.

aren’t kids fantastic you worry how they will copy and and they seem to deal with it better then we can. I had to shave my hair off and i was so upset and my youngest daughter who’s 11 said you look lovely mum, they help you get through this you must be very proud of your son I hope you get that day sorted out for him


hi there

Ah he sounds so special, this made me well up! What a little sweetie pie.

I would call the various safari park PR offices and see if they can offer him anything. I think that if you tell them your story and how much he loves animals, many of them would rush at the chance.

Or as Amanda says above, maybe ask MacMillan or your Cancerbackup Charities for some advice.

Good luck, I hope you manage to sort it out for him.

Cecelia. x

Is there a local cancer centre where you could ask? In Aberdeen (near where we live) there is a cancer centre and they have some one trained to help with children, either affected by cancer in the family or that have it themselves. I think I would ask her.