my hair

my hair

my hair Thanks for enquiring about my hair Irene. All I can say is that it is lamentable!! Your friend must have envisaged me when she said Uncle Fester. I keep laughin’ about that. I stroked black mascara through it to see how iwas. It is wispy and sparse but we all had a good laugh at it. You are so lucky if it’s not white. I have never felt so fou. My torso is marked like a dot to dot.
Eyebrows and eyelashes, what the bloody hell are those? Nary a one. I have a big magnifying glass and do a recci every morning. The recipients of my moaning, (like the folk on this) site will be the first to know. I can’t wait to clog 'em up with clarty black mascara. Hope you are ok. I have just finished 10th rads and feel like a golf ball is stuck in my osophegeus. Did anyone else swallow a golf ball. Sat at Christie’s typing this waiting for my lift. Love to all ladies who have supported me. Take care Love Eileen

You’re nuts! What’s with the golf ball?! Are you having your neck zapped too?

I am pleased to say I no longer can be called uncle fester but I am approaching that look that some ladies have who like cuddling other ladies (hope that doesn’t offend anyone, it is stereo-typical I know) But I’ve had a holiday in Lesbos so I think I am quite well informed!

Was in a cafe today in my wig, itchy itchy hot and sweaty, and in walked a lady with hair just like mine. I was tempted to whip off my wig like Samantha did in ‘Sex in the City’! But I am a coward and didn’t.

Had lunch with my friend who is terminal. This always grounds me and I have kicked my butt, for now at least until the next time the OH has a go. Right, not dwelling on anymore negative stuff, it’s onwards and upwards. Keep smiling Eileen!



Irene I am envious I have only a little fuzz with a few long strands dotted about. About the golf ball I feel like I have something stuck in my osophegeous (spelt wroNG?) I am struggling to swallow food. The radiologist said it was osophegitis and it would take a few weeks to settle. It’s very uncomfortable it feels like a blockage. Hope that’s all it is.! So sad about your friend it must be really hard for you. Love Eileen

update Hi all

I know it seems I am lucky as my hair seems to be growing back my own colour with little hints of grey which is prob what I had before (have dyed it for 10 yrs!)

But what I thought was dry skin on my face and neck is hair! of my God, I’m turning into a werewolf! Hope it drops out soon. At present it is very pale and hardly noticable but it has been a life long fear of mine not to grow the beard like some old ladies do. Aaaahhhhh!

Baldy or short hair and a beard, now let me see, which do I prefer?!

Love Irene

Hi Eileen and Irene

You are certainly keeping me amused and informed by your hair stories. Sorry to hear about your ‘throat’ Eileen. I had my last chemo yesterday and found out that i am due to have 33 rads!! This seems a bit excessive I thought and also a long journey with car park charges on top - just when I’ve gone onto half pay! Hope you are finding it easier than the Taxotere though!

Irene I am also concerned about there being a lot of hair on my face!! and the hairs on my legs and underarms are growing back as before YUK! Although my previous dandelion fluff has a lot of darker hair growing through it and unfortunately lots of grey! I have also died my hair for years so wasn’t really sure what colour to expect, but am alarmed by the sight of so much grey. But with all the stresses and strains of this bl**dy cancer perhaps I shouldn’t have expected otherwise.

Take care both of you!

Nicky xx


My partner and i shaved her hair off after a couple of treatments, it was like out with the old in with the new.

She didnt like it but her confidence just dissapeared.

hair Well its 6 weeks past epi and I’m into the CMF. I didn’t lose my eyebrows until this week which is strange but the hair on my head is definitely coming back, although I can’t tell what colour it is yet ,proabably dark grey. Unfortunately the hair on my lip and chin is coming back about 3 times faster! Another week or 2 and I’ll be able to get a couple of tattoos and a cropped top and belly piercing and I’ll be able to join the strange people in town on a Saturday afternoon!

Well if you didn’t laugh you’d cry and IMHO hair loss is a lot less to worry about than the other things that this disease and treatment bring. My mum is currently complaining about gettng old and I keep telling her that the alternative doesn’t seem that appealing to me at the moment! I intend to be around for several years yet.

Keep smiling if you can


Fluff A bit like the rest of you my hair is now growing back and I have a fuzz on the top of my head - but all the longer hairs are grey which is depressiing as i had brown hair before this started (I am only 39).

I too have very small hairs on my face - extremely fine, sort of downey… i am turning into my grandmother - all I need now is a mole with 3 hairs growing out of it and I will be her… she was 93 when she died, so perhaps it would not be so bad!

Momentous day for me though - shaved my legs for the first time this year…

I have given up on the wig on the hot days as it is like wearing a plastic bag on my head… I am certainly appealing to some of my female friends who are in the same sex relationships - have started flaunting my wedding ring… So far i am either mistaken for a man or just look a bit butch, with my mastectomy this week - I feel like I am going to lose all my femeninity… facial hair (albeit dipsy blonde - you see growing hair to suit my new personality) does not help!!

Still - it is better than being bald - or as a lady described me before I shaved my head - looking like I had mainge! With friends like that eh???

Grey hairs! Hi ladies,

as ever the posts re hair loss have made me chuckle! I am on accelerated epi, of which I’m havin my last one on weds, then I start standard CMF. I’m thinking my hair has started to grow back already but maybe I’m just building my hopes up! Your posts about hairy faces really has me worried though, oh my god!!! LOL! As if things couldn’t get any worse…

Anyhoo, we were discussing hair loss and regrowth at my support group the other night and I was saying how worried I was that mine would come back grey as I did have the odd grey hair before I started treament (only the odd one mind, at least thats what I told myself!). Well, one of the ladies there said that when her hair first grew back it was completely grey and v.v.soft. She said she had been grey for years so was expecting this anyway. However, as her hair continued to grow it completely changed colour and is now mid brown! She doesn’t even have to dye her hair anymore, something that she had been doing for years!!

Every cloud and all that…

Take care and may our hair grow back beautiful,


Newly bald Hi all,

Just to add my bit on the subject of baldness…am having my 2nd FEC this Thursday, and had to shave off what was left of my hair last week.

Horror upon horrors, not only have I a milk white scalp, but where my parting used to be there is a suntanned brown stripe right down the middle of it! My head looks like a backside!

Caught sight of my naked self in the full length mirror the other day, one breast, huge scar, no hair. I look like one of those alien creatures from Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

I cheer myself up by standing bald at the window shaking my fist at those damned fast food leaflet deliverers as they come up my drive! You should see the fear in their eyes, lol!!!

Tears…I’ve cried em all, so I suppose the only thing left is laughter!


Hi justme,

a huge thanks for that - you really made me laugh, I can see them running away from the door - i think i’ll try that one!!!

Worse than the bald head and the nailess big toes that look horrendous is the bloated overweight person looking back at me.
I’ve always been big but NEVER this BIG - I hate it

Hi Justine,

Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Its been 2 weeks since my 1st FEC and my hair is just starting to fall out. I was feeling a bit ahhhhhh, but you certainly cheerd me up. Cheers,

Hi Justme
I needed cheering up as I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for a couple of days. Your email made me laugh for the first time in days, so thank you! I’ve still got hair but it’s only one week since my first chemo so I expect to lose it next week.

Good luck


Hello Dee and thanks for the laugh

since my hair fell out in February I’ve kept a hat by the front door so as not to frighten the postman and other callers but it never occurred to me to make use of my bald head to scare unwanted callers away. It could be useful for the people who insist on delivering those free newspapers twice a week !

Your profile says you are probably going to have FEC followed by Taxotere. That’s what I had and my hair started to grow back (very slowly) during the Taxotere so you may not have too long to wait before you see some hair again. I now have about 2mm of WHITE hair and am wishing it would hurry up so that I can go blond again.

Take care
Love Anthi

amusing my daugher with an alien look! hello all,

As usual stories about hair and baldness are the funniest! I understand what justme was saying about standing in front of the mirror with a bald head and scar! My latest way of amusing my 7 year old daughter is to put my new silicone prosthesis on the top of my bald head - it creates that alien pointy headed look! Oh, how it makes my daughter laugh and laugh - she nearly wet herself! only problem is she thinks it is a party trick which I’ll be quite happy to show other people! I think my stepdad would faint if I did it in front of him!

Pauline x

Hi Dee

your post really made me smile. I am just waiting for my hair to disappear and my best friend is on standby with the clippers !

I can’t complain though 'cos I’m feeling really well at the moment .

Keep smiling.
Diane x