My IDC story help plz

This is my breast cancer story so far,
Im Sam 34yr old diagnosed 1st September 2017 with IDC ( right breast ) 3cm tumour, Grade 3,Er and her2 positive,1 lymph node affected according to biopsy from ultrasound!

I’ve had 6 cycles of TCHP chemotherapy followed by another 12 Herceptin injections 1 every 3weeks!

I’m awaiting surgery 15th feb 2018 for Lumpectomy and ANC ( full node clearance) then radiotherapy…and tablets for 10yrs!

My worry is I’ve only had mammogram and ultrasound to breast and underarm, core biopsy and fine needle biopsy to be told stage 2 cancer? How do they no this without surgery?
Also I’ve had liver,kidney and pelvic ultrasound ( all clear ) but I haven’t had any scans etc to see if there’s any spread? Would they know this from what that have seen already? Do i need to be worried?
My other worry is what if when I’ve had surgery it’s a lot worse then what they thought?
I’m trying my very best to try and stay positive for my daughters sake who’s 15!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through this with your kind words and reassurance Sam X

Hi Sam,
There’s always something that plays on the mind when going through this, isn’t there?
I have not had the treatment you’ve had, so hopefully one of the other ladies who has been through similar, will come along shortly.
Presumably, they’ve had enough info at the mo, to say it’s stage 2, as the US can see if there’s any obvious node involvement & presumably the biopsy confirmed this too.
I think the post surgery results is something that we all worry about, as ever it’s the uncertainty that’s so hard to handle.
It might be an idea to take your questions back to your team, just to get some clarification on this.
Wishing you all the very best for surgery, you’ll soon be out the other side.
ann x

Thanks I think once the cancer is removed and I’m told it’s gone I should hopefully start my new life x

Wishing you well Sam x
I’m her2+ too and as far as I understand it Herceptin is our best friend. Once surgery is done and you can move forward you will feel better. Live, love, laugh ?

Thanks chaffinch17 :heart:

How far are you with treatment? Xx