My Job and Breast Cancer

I have posted here to see if anyone reading can offer some advice. I was diagnosed with BC in August 2005, however due to complications was not offered an immediate reconstruction. On 5th August this year I had Latissimus Dorsi Flap Reconstruction. I was thirteen hours in surgery due to complications and was very ill for a while after. Due to the complications in surgery for some reason my bladder has decided to stop working so I have been taught to self caterterise myself four time a day. The usual happened after my operation work visited after three weeks off sick and they should be due to visit this week as I am now going into my seventh week of sickness. However just has I was to go into hospital a job I had wanted and had been doing was advertised but it was job share so me and the hubby spoke an worked out our finances and decided it would be better health wise for myself and the family to work part time as prior to my operation I was really just exisiting full time work and then home to bed.So I submitted my application and when I arrived home from hospital eight days later I had a letter offering me an interview on the 15th September. However due to loads of complications I never got the chance to go into work and was really unprepared for my interview but thought cause I had been doing the job and had loads of evidence I would be ok and as I was the only person to apply for the job went along for the interview. However last Wednesday got the phonecall from personnell to say I was unsucessful I was devastated and once again realised that this horrible disease has got in the way again as since diagnoised I have had loads of interviews for promotion at work but have always been unsucessful which is a different story to pre-diagnois. To cut along story short I have just found my job advertised with a local recruitment firm it says its to cover sickness for four months and is advertised for fifty pence an hour more that I recieve, how can this be right I am hoping to return to work on the 5th October just a week after the temp should have started my job. I have contacted work and they say they did ot realise I would be back as soon and not to worry they would find me some project work but thats the job I applied for and did not get and I just want to return to my own job does anybody know if this is fair and what would be my rights? Has anybody experienced such treatment after diagnosis? Sorry for the long posting but thanks for reading.

Hi there…I’m not very knowledgeable about employment rights but I do think you may well be covered by the disability discrimination act. There’s lots of info about the act on the net. Good Luck…xx