My journey so far

Around Easter time I found a large lump in my breast .  Had mammogram which didn’t really show nothing but ultrasound saw small grey area two weeks later invasive lobular breast Cancer Care confirmed.  Was told this type of cancer hard to see so sent for MRI scan.  Two weeks later  lots of anxiety/ aches pains in that time.  Scan confirmed cancer to be 1-2cm.  Had operation to remove cancer and test nodes.  Not good news cancer much bigger than they could see in scans so will need mx but not spread to my nodes. Panic set in again and lots of shoulder pains to was sent for chest  CT scan.  Worst week of my life waiting for results which I had to chase up but thankfully clear.  Had mx which physically went ok but mentally hard.  My. Tumor went off for onco test in America to see if chemo would benefit me.  Was told score was low and I just need radiotherapy.  Was ok for a week or so but now have this fear that it’s in the other breast, feel like I’m going back to square one with panic and anxiety.  Rang breast care nurse she has agreed to see me Thursday morning to check breast.  This rollercoaster is never ending I really hope to get off soon.  Xx  

Hi jewels,   sorry to hear you are having a tough time.  I was diagnosed April 2018 having found a lump.  I too got told it was smaller than it turned out to be and had mx.  Unfortunately also turned out to be in my nodes too so had them removed and chemo plus rads.  It’s a hard time once treatments ends to get your head in a positive place.  I have constant aches and pains and always fear the worst.  However,  I’ve attend a moving firward course which really helps and I chat on here when the worry gremlins set in. You are doing the right thing by getti g your nurse to check you over… The peace of mind d will help hopefully.  I’ve had a clear mammogram in April and that was quite an emotional time.  It really is a rollercoaster at times but we have to let the emotions out and try to find the new us in all of this.  There’s no quick fix but with time we will get there.  Don’t Worry alone… Come on here and chat…


Hi Jewels

I really identify with your journey and I wasn’t told about Oncotype until they’d sent it. It felt like I’d been diagnosed all over again. Like you I’m waiting for radiotherapy and it’s going to be 13 weeks since surgery. I’m terrified and feel like I’m going mad. It’s not much help to you really but your post made me feel less alone. Hope everything goes well for you. Xx