My last chemo has been cancel

As usual a day before my next chemo, I went to see my oncologist today and was told that I do not need my 6th and last chemo. I am not entire sure whather this is good or bad news. Has anyone else experienced this ie was told you need 6 chemo but because of the severe side effects that I am having, my last chemo has been cancel.

The onc. said that having the lats chemo will do more harm than good.

Here’s a bit of a background. I had 3 FEC, hospitalised twice and then was supposed to have 3 Tax but only after 1 tax, I was hospitalised again and with side effects, then the dosage for my 2nd tax was reduced by 25% and although I am coping better with that (no hospital stay) I have problems with sore hands and foot - hand and foot syndrome. The onc reckons that if I have more chemo we might damaged my nerves. argh!

Please share your experience and assure me that I am not the only one.

I had only 4 chemos (FEC) as I had so many severe problems and the feeling was that it was more dangerous for me to continue than to stop. I was told by my consultant that I had most of the benefit from the chemo from the first four.

When I was in hospital for one of my emergency stays, there was someone else there with a severe infection who was not going to have her 6th and last dose. So don’t worry you are not alone!

All the best with the rest of your treatment

Hi Sarig,

I know its only an anecdotal story but one of my best friend’s mums has been through this 8ish year ago and she only had 6 out of 8 chemo cycles, dont know why she did not have the last 2 but she has had no recurrence and is a fit as the proverbial fiddle.

I guess that it works more effectively on some people than others so they dont need as many treatments.

best of luck


Hi Sarig,

I was scheduled for 4 x AC then 4 x Taxotere. After 2 AC, we all decided the lump wasn’t shrinking, so I was switched to Taxotere. By the end of 3 Taxotere cycles, I was suffering from swollen feet and ankles, damaged nails, and neuropathy in my fingers and toes - ie, the same hand/foot syndrome as you. My last Taxotere cycle was then cancelled for a similar reason to yours - I already had some nerve damage in my fingertips and my oncologist didn’t want it to get any worse. The lump had already shrunk considerably so we knew the Taxotere had done a lot of good and so I wasn’t too concerned that the last cycle was cancelled. Heck, a lot of me was over the moon that I didn’t need to go through another cycle!

Basically, I trust the experts to know what’s best for me, and if they say the risk of nerve damage outweighs any benefits from another cycle, then that’s fine by me. I reckon if they were really concerned for my long-term survival, they’d have scheduled that last cycle in spite of the nerve damage.

Yvonne :slight_smile:

Hi there,

My colleague’s wife had the same adverse reaction to chemo and only had 5 out of 6 treatments. She was told at the time that she had received enough benefit from the chemo for him to stop the treatment and 7 years on she is definitely firing on all four cylinders. So, I think your Onc is in line with his colleagues as well.


Hi Sarig,

Funnily I had an appointment today with my onc and a similar thing happened. My first Taxotere really floor me, all sorts of bad side effects. The second session was a reduced dosage and I was a little less effected. I asked whether a lower dosage would be detrimental, especially as they have reduced my sessions from 6 to 4. I was told that there was no studies as to the outcome of giving lower dosages (I am not convinced that was true) but he did say that giving people chemo that badly effects them can do more long term damage than good. I can beleive that as these nasty chemicals do burn our insides and play tricks on our heads.

I think we have to trust in the onc’s decision most of the time, but if you are still worried phone you’re onc and ask for more time to discuss your worries. You may only get his/her PA but they should relay your query and get back to you at some stage, mine always does.



Thank you thank you to everyone. I feel much better today knowing I am not the only one.

We seem to be on the same boat. Did you loose your nails? Mine is just about holding on. What did the doctors give you to relieve the hand and foot scyndrome. I asked previously if I can continue taking the steriods pills but was told not to do it but when I saw the another oncologist, the top man in the dept and yesterday he prescribe steroid for 4 weeks. I was also given B6 vitamin. I hope this will reduce the swelling and improve the nerve. I am going to see my surgeon at noon todat to discuss my operation. Which stage of the treatment are you in now. Have you had t he surgery and radiatherapy?

I was mentally preapared for another cycle of not only pysical pain from the taxotere but also the emotional rollercoster that I have each time - it does mess both your body and mind, doesn’t it. So I am glad no more chemo for me. Yippee. Hope the rest of your treatment goes well too.

Thanks everyone for sharing your positive experience with me.
I am now moving on to the operation gang!

Hi all

I too have just had my last chemo cancelled. I was admitted into hospital on the 19th Dec with an infection in my hickman line and a temp of 40. I was finally discharged on the 5th Jan but my onc cancelled my last FEC. I am pleased in a way as I don’t think my body could take any more plus my veins are useless after having 14 days i.v. antibiotics. I did complete 5 out of 6 FEC and have now got radiotherapy to look forward to- 25 in total and a year of herceptin due to being HER2+.

It’s nice to know that I am not the only one who’s had chemo cancelled and I won’t miss the GCSF injections which I had to have after my last 2 chemos.

Take care,

Angela xx

Hi Sarig,

I started with chemo, because they wanted to shrink my 4cm lump before surgery, then I had the mastectomy at the end of Nov. I’m now taking Tamoxifen and will be starting radiotherapy soon. My nails are hanging on, though they look atrocious; all black, and lifting away from the nailbed. Looks like there’s some regrowth starting at the base of a couple of them, so there’s hope that they’re on the mend at last! I, too, was given vitamin B6 to help with the neuropathy but I’m not convinced it made any difference. I’m left with grainy-feeling fingertips and not much hope that they’ll improve. Most of the time, it doesn’t affect daily life, but picking up very small things like pins can be tricky. Anyway, best of luck with the operation - mine was fine and I hope yours will be, too.

Yvonne :slight_smile:

Hi, Sarig and everyone

I also had my last Tax cancelled, so I had 5 out of 6. The 5th was reduced in any case. It was cancelled because of the side effects. I’d managed to drive myself to the hospital for the chemo, despite my husband wanting to take me, but I’m better getting on with things on my own, I’ve found. Anyway, by the time of the 5th cycle, I could barely get out of bed, let alone drive to the hospital, so Allan drove me. It was because of this, plus the numbness in hands and feet (which had spread to elbows and knees!) that the onc decided I’d had enough.

Two fingernails came out, and one toenail, although other finger and toenails came loose but they seemed to settle down after awhile. I finished the chemo at the beginning of May last year and then all of a sudden, just before Christmas, my left big toenail fell off with no warning whatsoever, and there was about a third regrowth underneath. Now my right big toenail is set to come off and I don’t know why!

Best wishes, all.
GS xx

Hi all,

the nail thing with tax is interesting my onc has me in ice mittens to try and prevent nail loss and so far so goog I had 3rd tax out of 4 on Wed but nails still normal. Has anyone else used these gloves ?

Best wishes eveyone
Tracey xx

Hi Everyone

Well I have had 3 uneventul fec (except usual side effects) and 1 taxotere, but yesterday had a maasive allergic reaction to the taxotere after only 3 mls given. Have to say felt terrible and have never seen so many nurses and doctors all at one time. It was the wost I have ever felt. My onc Cons has said there is no way they can give me that again - it was one of the worst reactions they had seen with so little given. He is know deciding what to do - have to go and see him monday but he is talking about me having 2 CMF but not sure what regime. It will mean there will be a delay in my finishing chemo by a couple of weeks but hey whats a couple weeks. Just want this over.

Please take care, love

Anne x