My left breast is growing and is tender all over

Hi All,

i had posted on here few days back after returning from the clinic with a presumable diagnosis as mastitis… Since my appointment my breast have continued to grow it started on Aug 5th from 32D to 34D and now i am a whole 38D. Its very sore and tender and the lumpy in my armpit. Other than these 2 symptoms im having none. In regards to Mastits skin feels soft. One part of my breast is dense and overall looks full and heavy and i am not breast feeding… I have been on antibiotics a strong one to treat h.pylori 3 weeks ago so i definately do not think its mastitis or infection …please please help me … my gp asked me to use aveeno and to take primrose oil… im doing all.of that even before they suggested and i see no difference…could anyone here please take the time to explain what it can be or how do i go about next ? i see the clinic in 6 weeks …
Thank you.xx

Hi Mrs,
Sorry to hear you’re going through this, it really sounds like you need to get to the breast clinic to get it sorted out & certainly not to wait 6 weeks for an appointment.
Could you go back to your GP, say what you’ve said here, that the breast has become considerably more swollen & uncomfortable & ask for the appointment to be brought forward.
It’s not possible to say what it is, as really, only the breast clinic can deal with it.
It also might be an idea to give the helpline here a ring, to talk it through & get advice on how best to proceed.

0808 800 6000
Do hope this gets sorted out soon for you.
ann x

Hi All x
Thank you Ann x i did see my gp and guess what he had to say … you do not have a lump so its normal. Asked him my breast is rapidly growing from 32d to 38d and its sore and tender along with let down feeling in them … his words ah must be some inflamation it will come down eventually…
I was disappointed and requested to fill my private health form i had taken a new cover from july but the gp has put wrong dates and therebyi cannot go private as it will show as pre existing symptoms and they would not change and here i am lost and upset. With no explanation as to why and what my breast is changing in size so rapidly , or why im having let down feeling or why im having tenderness or swelling … I am really sad and i am so afraid. I feel like giving up. all the school mums are noticing the change in my breast and this gp doctor cannot seem to understand . I can not afford to pay for all the tests and i do not know what i should do. My upper back is hurting from all the heaviness from my breast size… Ann if you can help me who to reach out i will be so grateful to you xx i did try ringing the number above , it did not connect as line was busy… il try again xx

According to the doctor she has misunderstood my symptoms and entered in the system wrongly and she is not willing to change that. I did try and see a different doctor and he gave me all the legal and criminology statements… Its so disappointing that they are so careless, i obviously do not want this to be sinistrous but also i would like to know its not and find the actual root cause of this… they say you notice any change see your gp… I dread being in my 30’s because no one wants to take me seriously…