my lovely aunt newly diagnosed

hi ladies
my lovely aunt (gillian) has just been diagnosed with breast cancer (friday 13th june) !!! i cant remember the exact medical terminology (but we will put it on the next message) but it said that it was about 5cm and insitu and they said they recommended that she has the complete breast removed. my aunt is trying all avenues to save her breast and is hoping for the tumour to be removed and then to have cemotherapy and rads. Has anyone else tried this method? Any help, advise or kind words would be really appriciated. My aunt dosent have her own computer but i have the feeling that when she reads some of the experiences and support that the wonderful women from this fantastic website give to each other i dont think i will be able get on ebay for quite a while! i read the what to say and the what not to say section so thanks for the advise (even though some of it was hilarious) thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this and i wish you all the very best love nikki

Hi Nikki

I was diagnosed last year with an aggressive cancer and had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. This was a skin saving reconstruction so they take the whole breast tissue out through the nipple. I had a reconstruction using the back muscle which is detached and brought through to the breast and I also had an implant in. I am really pleased with the result.

After surgery I have had chemo and radiotherapy and now on a year of Herceptin.

Please tell your aunt to have a good talk with her breast nurse for all options. Until speaking to mine I was going to have a mastectomy and then asked what was involved with the reconstruction and then changed my mind.

My tumour was 6cms, and grade 3 and I was HER2 positive which is quite an aggressive one.

Love to you

Liz xx

If your aunt has DCIS otherwise known as ductal carcinoma in situ it is also known as pre-cancer, as the abnormal cells have not moved outside the duct. This is not technically cancer, although it is thought it may develop into cancer if left. Unfortunately the normal treatment isn’t chemo although in some circumstances you can opt for having the area cut out and radiotherapy. HOwever, 5 cm of area is quite a large amount to cut out and if your aunt has smaller breasts it may be very noticeable if she has surgery to remove just the lump. Also if the DCIS is widespread or near the nipple they usually suggest mastectomy. Maybe she can ask for a second opinion. I had DCIS and about a quarter of my breast removed. Can’t say I like the results though, my nipple has moved sideways and I have a big dent in the breast now.


Hiya Nikki

I’m so sorry that your aunt has been diagnosed, but know that she has all the love and support around her, if you’re anything to go by. I was diagnosed in Dec 2006 and had a lumpectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and 18 radiotherapy, so I can’t help re the mastectomy I’m afraid. Just let her know that we’re all here for her and that she’s not alone. Yes, she has got a long road ahead of her, but she will get through it. Sorry I can’t be of much help, just wanted you both to know that we’re here.

Love & BIG hugs

Julie xxx

HI Nikki
I had 4cm tumour removed, grade 3 and Her2+
It started off at 6cms but had chemo first to shrink it ,but it didnt shrink as much as we had hoped.
Ihad a lumpectomy,but I am quite large,so sometimes it does depend on size,if your aunt is small breasted a mastectomy may be the only option.

Take Care