my lump is very painful

Hi all,

had a local pain in my left breast and initially thought it was linked to my periods and me going through hormonal changes being péri menopausal. As the pain remains and would wake me up at night I went to the GP who referred me to the breast clinic. I was there on Wednesday and the scan identified 2 lumps in left breast one next to each other and possible a cyst in my armpit. Consultant was not great at explaining but said 2 of them are U5. He said we should wait for final results of biopsies before talking about treatment. I was shocked and totally speechless so left in a bit of a haze. 

Went to work the following day as I thought it would help being busy but burst into tears 30 minutes in. Since then and like a lot of people on here I have been in limbo waiting for final results and fluctuating between “yes I can do this” to being totally broken. Of course I have woken up at 4am every single day. 

From reading here it seems to be a normal emotional process we are all going through in the early stages and it sucks. I am quite an anxious person so it is easy for me to go to dark places. 

Besides i have this throbbing pain that comes and go where the lump is and was wondering if anyone experienced this as I cannot find much about it. 

Glad to have found this forum.


all the best to all


Hi - if you’ve had biopsies your breast is bound to be painful ,also you are now hyperaware of every twinge .The waiting for results is torture and your mind can’t help go to dark places - no matter what the outcome you will feel better when you know as you can get on with dealing with it rather than this horrible limbo .4am is just the worst time such a lonely time  ,when I was first diagnosed I used to lie there waiting for the first blackbird to start singing at about 4.30 - I heard him quite a few times !! Fingers crossed for your results .Jill x

Hi Aurora 2000

i was diagnosed late October and like you my breast is painful it’s been 7 weeks since my biopsies and I would have expected things to settle , however like you I have pain and discomfort , my oncologist reassured me that this can be normal and warned me that it might get a little bit worse when I start chemo ( next week) . I know we focus on this area of our bodies now , we are hyper aware, and all our attention is focused there, however it makes sense to me that there is discomfort as something is there that wasn’t before and shouldn’t be there  , if you get my drift . Try not to worry you aren’t alone with this symptom . Plus it’s a total rollercoaster of emotions and I’m sure what you are experiencing is normal , for me it felt very surreal then today after Onc appointment it suddenly felt very real ! And I also have become very acquainted with 4 am on the clock , and a throbbing boob so you’re not alone .


thinking of you KC xx