My mom was just diagnosed-devastated!

Hi, my name is Kristy. My mom was just diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma nuclear grade 2. I think her tumor was either 2 mm or 2 cm. I know that is a big difference, but she was not sure. She cannot feel it and she cannot remember if they said it was 2 mm or 2 cm. I have been trying to research so that I can educate myself. This is so hard because I live in California and she lives in Texas. I want so much to help her. I am so afraid! If anybody can tell me anything about this type of cancer, please do. I am so lost. Thank you for reading my post, sincerely.

Hi there

I am bumping this up for you and hope that someone comes along soon to let you know about their experience from a similar diagnosis. I would expect that this is a 2 cm tumour and with that in mind caught early if they are saying grade 2 so very treatable. However,please consider contacting the helpline here as they will be able to offer you advice and support. Your mom is very lucky to have such a caring supportive daughter. Take care of yourself too. J.

hello kirsty… so mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer… its a shock for you all i know… well i had grade 2 breast cancer last year. i had 2 operations to remove the cancer and i had radiotherapy , i kept my breast… and i am on tablets for another 4 years… so dont panic … grade 2 cancer is very treatable… if mom can,t feel the area i think its the smaller type. and thats even better news . she must be so proud to have such a loving and careing daughter…call the help line tomorrow , and have a chat with them im sure they will be able to put your mind at ease , hope this helps xx angie

hi, Sorry about your mum. And it must be all the more worrying for you not knowing what is going on. Have they given her any sort of treatment plan yet??

I had the same cancer, mine was 8mm, invasive ductal. Grade 2. I also had a much bigger (3cm) lump of non invasive cancer. You do not mention if they have tested her nodes yet?? I had little test called a sential node biopsy to see if it has spread and fortunately it had not. If your nodes are clear you normally do not need chemotherapy.

so i had my op in June and was back drumming in August. I started radiotherapy in september and that has finished now. I bit sore and tired with that but nothing major. And i now take hormones every day. fingers crossed i dont have any side effects from that yet.

So although i was devastated to be diagnosed, and it has been disruptive for a few months it is not as scary as I thought it was going to be.

As you are in america you cannot ring our helpline, but I think they offer support by email.

Dont google. Half the information is wrong. Ask questions on here or go to the information site.

how is your mum coping with the news?? Is she alone in Texas??

Hi Kristy, yes i would agree that it’s probably 2cm, mine was invasive ductal,19mm so very similar in size but was a grade 3 so your mums is better at grade 2. They said my prognosis was very good, a high percentage of breast cancers are invasive ductal. Did they say what treatment she would be having. I know she must have been in shock so may not have taken much in. I would agree with Jayne & ring the helpline but still feel free to post on here as the ladies have some fab advice. She is very lucky to have such a caring daughter & this will help her immensely to have your support. x

She is going to see the oncologist in a couple of days to go over the treatment plan. They did not see any node involvement on the ultrasound. I am sure the oncologist will further test her nodes and we will know more then. She did not absorb much of the information because she said she felt numb like the doctor’s voice was echo. She is going to scan and email me the paper work so that I can further research it for her. I know that we will have more answers after she sees the oncologist and sets up her treatment plan. I know that she will feel better then. Thank you so much for your kind responses. I have been in a panic all morning, but am settling down now and trying to see it objectively instead of emotionally. It is hard as I know you all know. xoxo

i am not sure how practical it is for someone from america to ring the helpline

She is not alone in Texas, she has her husband, but no other family. We are all scattered across different states. I am in California, Mom and her husband are in Texas and my brother is in Oregon. I call her daily, I always have. Since I cannot call the helpline, I am gathering all of the information I can find on the website. It is clear that the UK offers much more information and help regarding this subject as I have been picking through every website possible and have found much more information on this site than any other. I am profoundly grateful and I appreciate all of your information and support. I know that I am driving myself crazy and we will know more by the end of the week. I remain positive even though I am having an emotional response to the situation. I have so much respect for all of the women of the world who have gone through this. Positive energy!!!

Hi Kristy, i forgot about u not being able to ring the helpline, doh! I’ll blame it on chemobrain.
The internet can be a wonderful thing but googling too much can also be quite misleading as such a lot of stuff is out of date. McMillan is a really good site & of course this one, these are the two i tend to stick to & if u need more advice from everyone on here then pls feel free to post. This forum is for families as well & has some great advice.It’ll help your mum no end to have such a positive, caring daughter. Does your mum use the internet?
Let us know how u get on,take care x

Hi sugarmagnolia

If would like to call the helpline BCC do have an oversees number which is (+44) 2076 200 077. The lines are open from 9 to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9 to 2pm Saturday (English time) The number is )0808 800 6000.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Thank you for the number, I will definitely use it. My mom has access to the internet, but she does not know how to use it very well. I am making sort of a portfolio of positive information for her, so that she can print it and read it. She does not like to spend much time in front of the computer, but she will be happy to print it and read it. She is happy to listen to any information I have over the phone too, so when I find something good, I just make a note and call her in the morning. We had a really nice talk last night and she is powering up. The initial shock was hard on her, but now she is taking a matter of fact approach and is ready to proceed with whatever is necessary to overcome this.

Hi Sugarmagnolia

You have been given great advice already by the lovely ladies on this site. I just wanted to send a virtual hug and say that you are being an amazing daughter researching as much info for your mum as possible. Hope you get your treatment plan soon with the oncologist which will definately help things become more clear for you both

Clare x

Hi Sugarmagnolia.

“she is powering up”

Just love that phrase!
It really must be great to have some help with the research as she can avoid that spiral into panic that can afflict us when we read something scarey.
The diagnosis section on the web page that old and lumpy gave you is really helpful, with questions to ask when they have more results of tests in. This bit that we call “The Waiting Room” really is worse than getting on with the treatment.

I am 66, had an IDC diagnosed last year with mammography screening, 13 mms Grade 3, Triple Negative. I couldn’t feel it even when I was told it was there.
As I couldn’t have radiotherapy because of other medical problems, I had a mastectomy and axillary clearance, all nodes were clear and went on to have chemotherapy with FEC6. Finished in January and now am back to my previous levels of energy and have a reasonable head of hair again.

We all have slightly different details which make our treatment different- they really do seem to tailor the treatemnt to the individual.
Wishing your Mum good progress through it all, and she has started off well by having such a lovely daughter