My Moms Major Worry.

Hi there ,

I just found this web site whilst looking through some other BC sites. Heres what my moms worry is :-

My mom received a letter being recalled following a monogram that she had done. She is 62 and had never been recalled in the past .

She went last friday and had a ulrtra sound done and the doctor found a lump in her left breast. When she asked him for a honest opinion of what he thought it was he said , he would class the lump as ’ worrying '.

He then scanned under her armpits and said that area seemed fine.

He also took a biopsy of the lump , and my moms next appointment is friday.

But what is really frightening her is the fact he classed the lump as ‘worrying’ and that he also scanned under her arms.

Is it normal to be scanned under your arms when going for a breast ultrasound?

Could the doctor possibly tell 100% by ultrasound what the lump is?

Is there still a chance it may not even be BC?

Thanks for reading and sorry for rambling on . Any answers or anything would be superb …thanks


When I had my ultrasound I was told that the area was 75% likely to be cancer which was worrying, I had abnormal cells, a fibroadenoma and microcalcification. This area was removed with good clear margins and no more treatment was needed so even though it was worrying everything turned out ok in the end. And yes i was scanned under my arms.

I hope your mum is ok. Let us know how she gets on

Yvonne xx

thanks alot for that…passed the comment on to my mom. I personally never gave BC a second thought . But when I’ve been looking around the internet for my mom you relise just how many peoples lifes it affects. I’ll let you now how she gets on .

My mum was dx in March, she is 68. She had her three yearly mammograms and went as usual thinking things would be ok. The doctor called her back in after the Mammogram and said they had found something worrying. She had Core biopsy and FNA test and was told to come back ten days later. Unfortunately the worrying lump was cancer, she didn’t tell any of the family this before hand not to worry us, but she said she “just new”.

But there are ladies on here who have been told its “worrying” and have had the tests and been fine, just as there are ladies who have been told its not worrying and it will be benign, who have been dx with cancer. There really is no way of knowing until the histology results. My mum didn’t have a lump as her cancer is lobular, and if she hadn’t gone for her routine mammogram it wouldn’t have been found until it was too late. So hopefully “if” it is cancer it will have been caught early and she will make a full recovery.

Love and Hugs.

J xx

Hi again,

My mom went for her results today , it is BC was told it is a grade 1 and very treatable. The doctor said he could operate on her to remove the lump and surronding tissue in 3 to 4 weeks . But my mom being my mom pressed for a quicker date and is having it done a week on monday .

She was also told at the same time she will have a ’ Sentinel Lymph Node Bioposy ’ which the doctor said is better than having all her lymph glands removed.
He also said there is no reason that in 4 - 6 months she shoulden’t have her life back to what it was before.

Sorry if my terminology isen’t all that good , but my mom looked a 100 times better today . Said she was just releived she had finally found out what it was , and what was going to happen . I got upset when she told me , but she said this b’tard won’t beat me.

I will keep you all informed as to what happens , and i truely hope anyone who faces the same as my mom , get what they want in the long run…

I’ll let you all now how she gets on

I think when you know the results and know what you are up against it does make you feel better and gives you a fighting attitude after all the worrying weeks of uncertainty.
The fight begins now so good luck to you and your mum. The prognosis is good and that is great.

Take Care

I was told my lump was cause for concern at my intial biopsy but i think any lump they cant explain would be classed as that so i wouldnt worry to much

good luck

Hi Allotment, sorry to hear your mum was dx with bc, but pleased that it is treatable. I think they generally know when something is wrong, as I said in my first post to you, that my mum was told it was worrying and it was bc, so the fact they told you they were concerned and were right to be but also that it is very treatable shows that they are very on the ball and the prognosis is good. I will keep my fingers crossed for your mum and hope she recovers well.

Best of luck.

J x