My Mum and Me

HI girls
I haven’t been on here for a while. I hope you are all doing ok and still battling on! Two years ago I had Grade II DCIS followed by two lots of surgery, chemo, rads, herceptin and now on tamoxifen. This last two years have as you know been a total swine and my Mum has been utterly brilliant throughout if all. Anyway I spoke to my MUm yesterday and she tells me that she has now been diagnosed with BC. I am utterly devastated and really do not know what to think! I think it’s hit me hard cuz having been through it I know what my Mum is now facing and just can’t bear it. She has been told that as hers is post-menopausal and only in the tissue at the back of her breast that her drs are not too worried and say that its a cancer that can sit there for years before anything needs to be done about it!!! She is going in for surgery and then needs rads and tamoxifen. No chemo - thank the lord. I am just so very confused - I mean how on earth can any cancer just be left untreated?? I would loved to hear from anyone who has been diagnosed with the same type.
Alot of my thoughts and emotions of my time with BC had been pushed to the back of my mind but now they have all come flooding back. All moments that I had thought that I had dealt with I clearly haven’t!!! For b****y hell sake!!! Don’t know whether to cry, get angry, run away, laugh blah blah blah!! My Mum is being utterly strong and very positive and she tells me that I have taught her how to be strong cuz of everything I went through. Great compliment but at the end of the day shes still my Mum and I am crushed.

I can’t help at all as my mum has just been diagnosed, but just want to say how lovely it Is that your mum uses you to be strong for her self!

I think it’s easier to cope with things when it happens to you, but we empathise a lot for ppl we love me as you’ve been there it’s harder.

Anyway, what I’m saying is big hugs, and try and stay strong.

Kelly x

Hi Bird,

remember sitting in the waiting room and finding out that everyone’s jounrey is unique.  No one is the same.


  I have DCIS, grade 2 and fast grwoing so had mx and implant… but do not need chemo or rads.  Feel very greatful - but at the back of my mind is something silly -should i be having it?  Have they missed something?


Then i think back to all those people and we were all different and had differentdiagnosies, treatments and operations.  Then, remember the Golden ones- the ones that gave you support…it was their words and actions.  That is what you can be for your mum.