My mum has triple negative breast cancer

Hi I’m new to this. My mum was diagnosed with triple neg breast cancer at the beginning of March. It was also an aggressive cancer.Her lymph nodes were clear. Chemo was advised first as the tumour was large, then mastectomy then radio. Before her second round of chemo on examination the tumour had grown it was decided to go ahead with the second round of chemo then check again before the third, if tumour had got bigger or not got smaller they would use a stronger chemo. Upon examination before third chemo the tumour had not got bigger but had not shrunk either, yet my mum felt that the tumour had got bigger. The oncologist suggested a third round as she liked to give chemo in 3’s.In the early hours of the next day (day of third chemo) the tumour broke the skin and it was found to be growing. How could the oncologist have missed this. Her third chemo was not given. A mammogram was performed and an ultrasound. She had a follow up appointment a few days later with oncologist at first oncologist thought she had, had 3 rounds of chemo. Upon examination she was told surgery would now be the best thing. So her 2 rounds of chemo were a waste of time all it had done was make her ill and loose her hair. The surgeon rang her and told her that surgery would be the option and that they would also take 2 lymph nodes out now as they looked “suspicious”. I feel that they have let her down and would like some advice as what to perhaps do, she has a meeting with her surgeon early next week before her operation. This is going to be a big operation and I have lost faith a bit. I just want the best for my mum as I feel that she has been let down. Thanks.

Hi Giz1

Sorry you haven’t had any any replies to your questions as yet but hopefully now someone will see your post and get back to you.  In the meantime you are most welcome to give you helpline team a call and talk to them about your worries/concerns, they are here to support you and your mum through  this.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

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Hi Giz

I can’t really help with your problem but wanted to post as I’m also going through the cancer journey with my mum. My mum wasn’t triple neg, but was grade 3 and had lymph node involvement in diagnosis. She was recommended the same, but fortunately her tumour shrunk. They did warn us though that it may not shrink or may grow and that they would have to take her to surgery if that happened. I do know that each time they measured tumour it was getting smaller, except after last chemo, a different reg measured it and got it bigger that after cycle 5. Her MRI after completing chemo also measured it bigger than the Reg had by hand, which was odd as his measurements are crude and include skin and tissue. I think what I am saying is that I’m unsure how reliable the measurements are.
what did they use to say there was no node involvement initially and then say it’s suspicious? Was it MRI?
My mum is due her op on Wednesday but currently has a chest infection so worried it may be delayed. It really is a roller coaster journey. I’m such a worrier too.
When is your mums op?

I find there are always so many questions that we will not get the answer to. I always go to my mums appts and always want to know more. Some consultants are ok and answer but her breast surgeon told me not to concern myself with certain facts, which really annoyed me. Like you say, their life is in their hands and it’s scary as as professional as they are, it’s not their family. My mums chemo was also reduced to 80% for 5 cycles - another worry and one I haven’t had a straight answer to in how it effects prognosis.
We need to be as positive as we can. Let me know what your mums surgeon days. Hope she gets an op date v soon.

Hi Giz

Any news on your mum?