My Mum is going to be having FEC

Hello everyone, my Mum went to find out exactly what treatment she will have today and she will be having four courses of FEC and then a different type of chemo at the end and then rads and hormone treatment. The thing I’m worried about now is infection as apparently this is common with FEC. Has anyone had an infection with it and if so was it easily treated? Xxx

Hi Bumblegirl

Im sorry to hear about your mum x Infection is a risk with chemotyherapy. Her breast nurse will give her contact numbers to call if her temperature is above 37.5 (some areas say over 38)

The emergency line will advise and if necessary she will attend the hospital  - have bloods taken, ECG etc… they quickly administer antibiotics. Once the blood results are back (usually quite quick) they will decide the treatment…whether to continue in hospital or go home

We have probably gone over board trying to reduce the risk of infection…we have alcohol gel as people come into my home, I have my own crockery and cutlery which we soak in sterizer … I also have mouthwash to prevent mouth infections…clean my teeth frequently etc…all of this info should be given to your mum by the hospital

It is scary for you too…my daughter has been great…and you sund that way too xxx good luck and remember the hospital is always there to offer support and advice…in addition would your mum join this site for support from others going through it …

Hi bumblegirl i had 6xfec and had hardley any side effects i was really lucky.The only hiccup i had was on my 5th one we had to delay for a week as i got a water infection i had to take antibiotics for week.When i went out i had a toilet bag inside i kept a pack of tissues for number one’s and a pack of baby wipes for number two’s a pack of dettol wipes to clean the loo seat before and after i used it also to open the doors when i was leaving.i always carried a small bottle of hand gel. i always did my tempreture in the morning tell mum never to do it after a hot bath or shower ,hope this helps. Yvonne