my mums in so much pain with treatment

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this website, my mum has breast cancer and she has just had her 2nd dose of Chemo (she is having this first, then op) she is in so much pain and I really want to know if this is a " normal" reaction to the chemo or if anyone else had had a similar one.
She has a sharp paid going through her spine and has a constant headache and unless she is laid down everything just spins. Also she is unable to feel her left side and cannot grip anything, now and then she spaces out completely and says she cannot see out of one of her eyes. Is this normal??? The doctor has said its just a side effect of very strong chemo but the nurses say she should have a CT/MRI scan. I know the doctors are great but is this really just a side effect? i hate seeing her in so much pain.
If anyone has had similar side effects can you let me know what helped you through as right now nothing is helping?
thank you,

Im sorry you got no reply at the time, how is your mum now? I would have taken my mum to A&E pretty sure there shouldn’t be that much pain from chemo… There is that much treatment for SE’s that no one need suffer much :frowning: i hope she got some help and is feeling better xx