My New Sleeve

I’ve at last received my new made to measure sleeve. Granted a “Medi” but what a difference from the last one I was supplied with. The material is alot softer, its not itchy or scratching, dare I say I’m even impressed slightly. Mind you still hate wearing the bl***y thing.

They have suggested Kineso Taping as swelling especially round elbow isn’t shifting since my bout of Cellulitis, so I’m away to look at some previous threads for info on this, if I can find them lol.

Take care everyone xxx

Hi Lynni

Just lost a whole post to you - timed out again, Grrrr!

A new sleeve - brilliant. You sound well chuffed.

Is the softer material just for custom made or will the poor off-the-shelfers get a look in too, do you think? (And do you think Medi have been reading some of the comments about their products on this website?!!!)

Medi? Itchy and Scratchy, eh? Simpsons, eat your hearts out!

Better go and cook something before OH starts gnawing the table legs - again.

Take care, all



Hi Bahons2

I’m not sure about you poor off-the-shelfers, I could ask. You never know maybe they have read the comments. Actually I’ve just thought when she was re-measuring my arm she mentioned the softer material I think she said she wasn’t sure if Medi supplied the made to measure sleeves in this softer material only the off the shelves one. She said she would ask when ordering it and would get me one if they did. And surprise surprise I got one, so maybe Medi do. Its early days but the sleeve is nearly as nice (can you use the word nice when refering to these things) as the Juzo I had.

Hope the table’s keeping alright lol.

Take care xxx

There’s hope then!

Perhaps they’ve also realised that some of their commercial rivals were producing a superior product and increasing their market share and they needed to keep up! Anyhow, good news.

Table legs have survived to fight another day, btw.