My New Tattoo !!!

Hi, Ive been a naughty girl today, gone and got a new tattoo, I hope you all like it! It’s mt profile picture…

Love Teresa xxx

Thats lovely…Xsarahx

Loving the Tattoo! Absolutely Beautiful.

Not sure what my Oncologist will think of it tomorrow, haha !!

thanks I love it

Hi Teresa

Just wanted to say great tattoo! I had one done (my 1st ever) its on my wrist, look at it everyday and know I’ll beat this disease!! Might try to put it on my profile pic.

You go girl :o)

Clare xxx

Muffett I LOVE it! I can’t wait for all my treatment to be over so I can get my next one. I’m having my mx scar done with ribbon and butterflies and dragonflys for hope.
Lovely I’m very jealous !!!

Muffett i think its great. I had a pink bow done on my ankle after i was dx. I would like to get one done on my hand but its the hand side of wle so prob best not too! (other hand would be too close to one on my wrist)

love it but i was told i carnt have another while im having chemo so good for you

Anyone thought of having a tattoo like this on their new breast instead of a recon nipple ? I think a small, pretty tattoo there instead of a false nipple might look nice, but is this mad? Can’t see why it would be dangerous as long as the new breast has settled.

Any views/experience?


Hi Annie, not sure about this one!!! I know you can’t have a Tattoo whilst receiving chemo, I had to wait.
It might be a little tender but ask your oncologist!

Thanks ladies, glad you like it! xxx

Blue Dragonfly, My other tattoo is a dragonfly, I love them !!!

I already have my tattoo picked out.

I have to wait until I get my new breast first, then I am having a Butterfly with the BC Ribbon for it’s body on the new boob. Maybe I’ll disguise the scar with some leaves and flowers.

The Butterfly has a dual meaning for me… It is to signify new life after BC for me. Also when we lost my Mum a Butterfly flew out of the curtain at the crem, and after she was so housebound before her death, and wheelchair bound too, it is nice to visualise her as free as a butterfly.


Hi all, firstly I think your tattoo is fab Muffet!

BD I’m going to have my bilateral mx scars tattooed - I don’t like the designs on the link below so much but love the meaning of them and the idea. I’m busy planning what to do, but it will definitely be something rambling and flowery (like me…) My friend thought I should have seashells like a mermaid’s bra which I quite like too.

I love the gecko on here.

Annie I was thinking of doing something other than a nipple when I considered recon - I think perhaps the docs would be unhappy as the nipples are ‘medical tattoos’, though I’m not sure of the difference! The main risk I think might be lymphoedema if you’ve had chest lymph nodes removed. Here’s a link to a lovely design over a recon. I was thinking of a little frog or a rose or something.

June yours sounds lovely, I like the symbolism too.

I think we should all put photos on when we’re done!

Big hugs