My partner has BC

Hi I am the partner of someone who had a mastectomy last year and is currently undergoing treatment which won’t finish until the autumn. It is a very long haul and sometimes it is hard to know what to do or say, partly because we currently live 5 hours apart although we are planning to change that. All being well she starts xeloda tomorrow…

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Jen xxx

Everything good is worth the wait…

So sorry to hear that your partner has BC. It’s a horrible horrible disease and the battle is often long and hard fought, but one that can be won.

It must be difficult for you to know how to behave but I would say the best thing is to take your cue from your partner … her emotions will be all over the place and she will need a lot of support … as will you. I hope you have someone that is there to support you through this, and this website is a great place to come for support.

Love to you both